While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that let's you catch up on the posts coming in overnight. Also: happy Friday. Better known in these parts as 'gozleme day'. Yum.

Pokemom. People are going crazy for Pokemon. I wonder how many 3DS consoles this game has sold. Anyway, here's another Pokemon post: Espurr has got to be X & Y's most unsettling Pokemon. I'd imagine the competition for this role was pretty tight...

You know how, during take offs and landings when flying, you have to turn off electronics. How annoying is that? I may be a privileged white person living in a prosperous country where everything is 'a-okay' but I literally can't think of anything more annoying. Well, that's all going to stop! We'll be able to play our handheld consoles to our hearts content!

This is a taste of what could have been if Nintendo bought Star Wars. Apparently some Microsoft contractor has been busted by the Feds for trafficking modded Xbox 360s!

And finally Final Fantasy XIV has 1.5 million players. How the hell did that happen?

In Short Flight Attendants Will Soon Stop Asking You To Turn Off Your Game Boy Feds Say Microsoft Contractor Made $500k Trafficking Modded Xbox 360s A Taste Of What Could've Been Had Nintendo Bought Star Wars Final Fantasy XIV's Got 1.5 Million Players. Guess That Massive Overhaul Paid Off Espurr Has Gotta Be X and Y's Most Unsettling Pokemon


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