While You Were Sleeping

Monday. Today is Monday. It is the day after Sunday. It is a day upon which we are duty bound to complain about the fact that it is, indeed, Monday. But before we do that, let's wrap up the news coming in over the weekend...

First Battlefield 4 news, since I'm guessing a whole number of you spent a majority of the weekend playing it. Yes, apparently there are bugs (almost to be expected nowadays) and yes, DICE is working on them. This is a fairly comprehensive list of the bigs DICE is aware of and currently attempting to fix.

Here's a real ethical question: games like GTA and Assassin's Creed regularly remove all existence of children from their game because, yeah, killing kids in a video game is just a little bit dark. But this development team is allowing you to kill zombie children in their game. I don't know how I feel about that.

I didn't know that Cuba had arcades. That's cool. Well it was cool. Now they're all being shut down.

Finally, Peggle 2 is delayed a few weeks on Xbox One and Valve fans went on an internet rampage when a game didn't get a Halloween event.


Have a great day everyone!

In Short The Battlefield Bugs DICE Knows About And How It's Dealing With Them Peggle 2 Will Be Out A Few Weeks Later In December Cuba Actually Had Arcades. Today The Were All Shut Down. Zombie Game Creator Defends Allowing Players To Kill Undead Children Valve Fans Rampage After Game Doesn't Have A Halloween Event


    The kid killing is an interesting issue. I'm not a vegan, not even vegetarian or anything but I find killing animals in games quite confronting. Killing humans in games, not so much because that's just standard fodder.

    In the matter of children It's a different issue, I get that. Is it innocence and helplessness that stops me? I do feel more uncomfortable killing a deer or something of that nature opposed to a mountain lion lunging for my jugular.

      It's weird, but I also feel a little uncomfortable killing animals in games yet I can be pretty ruthless when it comes to killing humans in games. I don't think children have any place in a game where they might be killed, even zombie children.

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