While You Were Sleeping

How are you doing this Thursday morning? At time of writing it is 6.15am and my son in chewing on a Wii controller. This is my life now. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, your guide to the news coming in overnight!

This news is going to sting for some of you: sounds like Destiny probably won't be coming to PC. Shame. Since it seems like the kind of game that might work well on that format. More information can be found here. I am so sorry everyone. That game looks pretty fantastic.

Remember when Nintendo pulled Swapnote, and everyone assumed it was because people kept drawing rude pictures, turns out the reality may have been a little more sinister. In this light it's easier to understand why Nintendo stopped the service.

Journey was amazing wasn't it? This article recalls the magic of your first journey with a stranger. Feel like owning the only white Xbox One in existence? Head here.

And, finally, of course the dog stole the show in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of course.

In Short I'll Never Forget My First Journey With A Stranger Child Predators Accused Of Using Nintendo's Swapnote Service Sounds Like Destiny Probably Won't Be Coming To PC You Could Own A Very Pretty Xbox One A German Shepard Steals The Show In The New Call Of Duty


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