While You Were Sleeping

Friday again. These weeks are moving fast. Either that or I'm getting older. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, this is what you might have missed overnight.

This story broke early yesterday evening, but you might like a quick reminder. Australian Attorney General John Rau has asked the Classification Board to review its decision on 12 video games that were classified MA15+ this year. More information about the situation can be found here.

Video games. Art. Urgh. This debate is just... who cares? What difference does it make? Anyway, this museum director went on television to state that, yes, video games are art, but shooters? Well, apparently they aren't interesting. Yeah that BioShock game was a total waste of everyone's time, right?

Seems like YouTube has changed its comment system now. Hopefully that means they'll be less awful.

The Director of Super Smash Bros. He has quite the gig. He barely even has to turn up to work, but he does so anyway. Good man. Finally, this VHS parody that delivers tips on Wind Waker HD is pretty much perfect.

In Short Museum Director Says Games Are Art, But Shooters Aren't Interesting The 1980s Will Help You Beat Wind Waker YouTube's Comments Might Now Be Less Awful Smash Bros Director Doesn't Have To Work Hard But He Does Anyway South Australia's Attorney General Challenges The Classification Of 12 Video Games


    They *are* moving fast.

    Someone hit the brakes, please.

    (and yeah, Bioshock was a waste of my time :P)

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