While You Were Sleeping

Tuesday, and one day closer to the launch of the PS4 in the US. I hope you're prepared for the onslaught of coverage from the US. We won't be getting the PS4 here for another couple of weeks (in fact the Xbox One will launch first) so we'll all have to contain our envy and whatnot...

In a sense it has already begun. This is a report from the PS4 launch party in the US. Apparently there are PS4 pillows. Yes, PS4 pillows. I have no idea why, but apparently they are making quite the splash. Even Hideo Kojima is in love with his PS4 pillow. Weird weird weird.

At this stage in my life I've resigned myself to the fact that I will most likely never be the best in the world at doing anything, but I often wonder what that feeling would be like — to know that you are the best person in the globe at this one specific thing. It may feel a little bit like this: this guy is the Starcraft world champion and this is how it feels to the best!

This is a thing about Batman: Arkham Origins and how it totally has the creepiest thugs, this guy has been accused of ripping off 100 bloody kickstarters. Unreal.

Oh, and Blizzard's making the original Warcraft trilogy playable on modern PCs. Good.

In Short Apparently Hideo Kojima Loves The PS4 Pillow Too Batman: Arkham Origins Has The Creepiest Thugs Blizzard's Working On Making Original Warcraft Games 'Compatible With Modern PCs' What It Feels Like To Become Starcraft World Champion Scammer Accused Of Ripping Off Over 100 Kickstarters


    At this stage in my life I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will most likely never be the best in the world at doing anything

    I dunno, I think you are the best at posting articles on the Kotaku Australia website, so there's that ;)
    Also I can't think of another contender for "best daily gaming haiku's on the internet" so there's that as well.
    It's entirely possible to be the best at something very specific. Just look at some of those weird Guinness world records.

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