While You Were Sleeping

Yesterday PS4 reviews broke and we woke up to a monstrous amount of PS4 coverage. What are we waking up to this morning?

More PS4 stuff!

Well a little. It seems there are some big PS4 announcements coming tonight. We don't know what at this stage, but Spike TV is breaking the news. I'm guessing some exclusives or a game announcement. This fits in nicely with Sony's declaration that there will not be a PS4 game drought. I don't know if anyone thought there was going to be a drought: the amount indie games alone are ponderous!

Music videos with Link from Wind Waker are now a thing. This makes me extremely happy since his rendition of Black Skinhead is up there with my favourite things on the internet ever.

Firmly categorised in 'things that make you go WAT?' is news that someone is trying to make a Temple Run movie happen.


And finally, this kid will only stop screaming for the Star Wars theme song.

In Short Big PS4 Announcements Coming Tonight Music Videos With Link's Expressions In Wind Waker Are A Thing The Producer Of Gravity Is Trying To Make A Temple Run Movie Kid Only Stops Screaming For Star Wars Theme Song Sony Promises There Won't Be A PS4 Games Drought


    So I bought X-com Enemy Within for $60 for my ps3. I love you X-com but youre making iy difficult haha.

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