While You Were Sleeping

Well that's the PS4 launched in the US. We're getting the Xbox One this week and the PS4 the next week but, for now, there's a deluge of interesting news regarding the PS4 from overseas.

It looks like a minority of folks (and it's probably worth mentioning it's a minority) are having some issues with launch units. As you'd expect, the issue already has a catchy name: 'the blue light of death'. There's no fix yet, but you can read up on it here.

Not sure if it's anything to do with how hot the machine gets, but you can check out thermal photographs to get an idea of just how hot the PS4 can get during use. Head here to have a gander.

Funnily enough we did a local story about the games that defined this generation. That was a more personal affair with people choosing their favourites. This US list attempts to be a little more definitive. It's really good.

These are the five anime shows you should be watching right now, but you should also be watching these amazing Antonio Banderas GIFs. Because they're great.

In Short The Games That Defined The Last Generation PS4 Blue Light Of Death Has No Clear Fix Yet Thermal Photos Of The PS4 Show Just How Hot Sony's New Console Gets The Five Anime Of Fall 2013 You Should Be Watching Antonio Banderas Hijacks The PS4 Launch With Glorious GIFs



    As Xbox one is out next week...looks like bigW has the best prices

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