While You Were Sleeping

This week is a big one for new releases. A new console. A major new console and some games. There's also the news storm that comes alongside it, particularly with the PS4 having already launched overseas...

The big story at the minute seems to be the issues the PS4 is having. A small number of these consoles appear to be malfunctioning. The latest (admittedly flimsy) rumour is that Foxconn interns have allegedly sabotaged the consoles for some reason and that's why they're malfunctioning. Can't say this one holds much weight at all.

With the launch of new consoles comes new controllers. Having used both of the new controllers I can say that both are big improvements. In that light, this story is super interesting: this man has put together some incredible photographs of what's inside a bunch of controllers from gaming's past. This is a must read.

Take a look at these comparison shots between the new Zelda and A Link to the Past. Couldn't be more excited about a Link Between Worlds at this point.

Finally, a couple of things to watch. New stuff from the upcoming Persona 3 movie and a legit three minute mini-episode of the new Ghost in the Shell series that actually doubles as an ad!

In Short Let's Compare The New Zelda To Its 22 Year Old Ancestor Ghost In The Shell Arises Newest Ad Is A 3 Minute Mini-Episode Persona 3 Movies Look Like The Best, Longest Cutscene Of The Series Rumour: Foxconn Interns And Alleged PS4 Sabotage Claims What's Inside A Video Game Control Pad?


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