While You Were Sleeping

Morning all and welcome to a brand new week. As you might expect, today's While You Were Sleeping in packed with Xbox One stuff. The next generation is now just the current generation. And after this week, we'll have the PS4 as well.

And apparently it was the biggest Xbox launch in history. That's what the bigwigs at Microsoft are calling it. I believe them. The story at retail has been simple: we want these new consoles real bad. There is a bigger market and the consoles are cheaper than they ever were before. The price is right and people are willing to pay.

I like this story because it's true. Making room for the Xbox One brings back memories of the first Xbox. When I tried to set my console up at home I had the exact same feeling! I loved the original Xbox, so it was good feeling. Nice wee bit of nostalgia for me.

This is all 23 of the Xbox One's launch games reviewed — very helpful if I may say so myself — and this is the xbox achievement that people are selling on eBay. Finally — what components of the Xbox One are running the hottest? The answer might surprise you.

In Short One Of The Hottest Components Of The Xbox One Will Surprise You Xbox One Sprints To A Million Calling It The Biggest Launch In Xbox History An Xbox One Achievement That People Are Selling On eBay All 23 Of The Xbox One's Launch Games Reviewed Making Room For The Xbox One Brings Back Memories Of The First Xbox


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