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This is something I think bodes well: Sony looks as though its putting together a PS4/PS Vita bundle. Personally I like the Vita. I like it a lot more than I liked the PSP. The Vita actually has a growing set of interesting games, and having access to a bunch of great indie games in the store doesn't hurt either. Hopefully this might kickstart the device a little.

How are you guys and girls going with Kinect? The bloody thing refuses to understand a word I say. If you're having issues using it this is a fairly decent guide to help fix that by changing what you say and when you say it.

Speaking of Kinect — the people who invented the device just got bought by Apple. Ruh-roh.

This is some terrific Final Fantasy cosplay and this is what the PS4 and the Xbox One look like to the Predator.

In Short Reports: The First Inevitable PS4 Vita Bundle Appears Final Fantasy Outfits: Silly Characters, Terrific Cosplay An Xbox One Kinect Dictionary For When It Just Doesn't Understand You Kinect Inventors Get Bought By Apple What The PS4 And Xbox One Look Like To The Predator


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