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Morning all. This is While You Were Sleeping. We have news, come on in!

Over the last week it seems as though there's been a complete explosion of awesome, awesome bugs being released in the wild. There was the Assassin's Creed 4 rapture one — which is still the undisputed King — but now we have the Grand Theft Auto Online bug that is changing the race and gender of characters. Brilliant.

And these ones on Ashes Cricket 2013, a game that has been pulled on Steam after being released in a terrible, terrible state, The game may be gone but the bugs remain.

A solution has been found for the Xbox One disc issues and it's one that Fonzie might approve of: you have to punch the Xbox One. Just punch it.

Finally, this is a Battlefield 4 item worth $2500, which is ridiculous, and this is how to totally kick a baby's arse.

In Short A Battlefield 4 Item Worth $2500 And You Can't Even Use It Grand Theft Auto Online Bug Changing Character's Race And Gender Got A Broken Xbox One? Punch It. Buggy Game Pulled From Steam, Funny Videos Remain How To Kick A Baby's Ass


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