While You Were Sleeping: PlayStation 4 Things!

Okay, today is gonna be a big day. This week the PlayStation 4 drops in the US which means you can expect a whole lot of rolling coverage on the console throughout today. Feel free to check back: we have reviews, discussion on features. The whole shebang. But for now? This is what you missed while you were sleeping...

The review. The big review. Looks like the US team will be adding to this post as things progress with the PS3 but, for now, this is Kotaku's final word on the PS4. I'll be doing my own, Australian specific look before it launches here, so stay tuned for that in due course.

Also, while you're ploughing through that, might as well read about Sony's giant list of video games. Interesting stuff.

But it's not all Sony. Nintendo had one of its Nintendo Direct things early this morning. You can watch the whole thing here. It's mostly 3DS specific.

And while we're talking Nintendo, remember the machine that finds Pokemon for you? Well, it just got even better. And — great timing — that beardy, singy a capella guy has done some singing. This time he's singing something from the Zelda soundtrack.

In Short The PlayStation 4: The Kotaku Review (In Progress) Watch All Of Today's Nintendo Direct Right Here Sony's Giant List Of Video Games One Beard Becomes Eight Sings Zelda's Most Famous Theme The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokemon For You Just Got Even Better


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