Who Could Have Guessed Louis Theroux Would Be The First Australian To Buy A PS4...

To begin with, a few caveats. I don't know if this guy was the first person in Australia to buy a PlayStation 4. Actually, I know he wasn't. Plenty of people imported the console from the US. Also, they always just sort of say the person at the most 'official' launch is the first one when we really have no idea. Maybe the store manager down the street has a watch that runs fast? We just don't know.

With that caveat, here is the person who most people would say is 'officially' the first person to buy a PlayStation 4 from a store in Australia. He attended the controversial Dick Smith launch and won a free PS4 and a trip to E3. The launch party itself wasn't quite the disaster I thought it would be, but more on that later.

The reason why I am posting this, and the reason why it is interesting is this: the man who was the first Australian to buy a PlayStation 4 looks like Louis Theroux. A lot. To the point where, when I posted the above image on my Facebook last night, with the Louis Theroux joke, entirely too many people thought I was being serious.


Anyway, congratulations Louis. Here's hoping you have many Weird Weekends with the PlayStation 4. I am a big fan of your work.


    Who? Never heard of him.

      Google him. Awesome guy.

        Googled, I love documentaries so I'll have to try and watch some of his stuff. While browsing the documentaries in iView, I also discovered a little show called Stan Lee's Superhumans, can't believe I didn't know about that either.

          His documentaries are much more in the vein of Vice's short, dirty exposes than the typically refined material you expect of BBC, which is great in its own way. He did that series where he just spent a day or two with one strange American subculture after another from porn stars, white supremacists, survivalists, etc. It's eye-opening.

      Seconding lockrobster's comment. Love his Weird Weekends series.

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      You need to take a day off work and watch all of the man's documentaries, before you die, it's required as a human being. People use words like 'legend' and 'brilliant' all the time but this guy fits both of those descriptors.

      Here's something to get you started


        Oh, that guy. Now that I've watched that I remember. I've only watched a few episodes a fair while ago, but I do like his stuff.

        Does anyone know if you can get any of them on DVD?

        Edit: I think the guy getting the Playstation looks nothing like him, probably why it didn't ring any bells.

        Second Edit: Found some DVD's, ordered all 3. Here's the link if anyone's interested.


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          Law and Disorder is great, really eyeopening.

          I'm not surprised you've seen some of his stuff over the years, it's like when people say they don't know any Beach Boys songs, they have but they just don't know it.

          Louie's documentaries are suited to binge watching, I occasionally go on week long Louie marathons, happy watching =D

      Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends is another great series he did a while back. The way he remains completely (almost) serious when he meets weirdos is unexpectedly hilarious.

    So the competition was also to win a PS3 AND a trip to E3??
    That is not the ripoff it was reported to be then.

      Oh god, I'm really going to have to get out of the habit of writing PS3.

        Could you also decide if he spells his name Louie or Louis.

    "He attended the controversial Dick Smith launch and won a free PS3 and a trip to E3."

    Louie says, "I went to the Dick Smith launch to buy/win an awesome PS4 and all I got was this lousy PS3"

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    He is undercover because all Dick Smith employees are swinging Nazi Pornstars who joined the Westboro Baptist Church. Also it's Louis

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    Damn it Mark you got me! I fully thought it was him until I got 2/3 through the article!

    I actually thought that maybe he was doing a documentary about video games/gamers and was there as part of that, so in that case it would make sense.


    So, how was the launch, did anyone go to a midnighter and pick up their PS4? Are all shops out of stock as expected?
    The silence of launch day is deafening!

    I think the bigger scoop here is that Dick Smith was the official launch site?!

    I know that EB Games had the official launch for the PS3 in Sydney and it was an unmitigated disaster - something like only 4 or 5 people showed up, just before midnight, bought the console and went home, leaving heads of Sony and EB Games standing around awkwardly - so maybe Sony figured Dick Smith couldn't possibly be any worse? Also, does this explain the extra PS4's that Dick Smith "found"?

    To be honest I really don't see the point of this "article".

    Is it really necessary to embarrass a (completely innocent) guy on an international forum?

    Besides, he looks more like Wally than Louis.

      I wouldn't be embarrassed for being called Louis Theroux.

        Then we can conclude that no one would.


          Now let us go investigate and record an American mega-prison and perhaps stop by and visit the Nazi's on the way home.

      Just a joke. Obviously. There's no attempt to 'embarrass' him, just like I don't get embarrassed every time someone calls me Simon Pegg.

        If you know that the guy won't be embarrassed by being physically compared to Louis Theroux then that's great, and I applaud your thoroughness in ensuring that that is the case.

        If you don't know, and are indeed simply guessing, that your globally accessible joke won't embarrass the guy, on the basis that you don't mind being compared to someone completely separate to Louis Theroux, then perhaps you should use a little more caution when making jokes in a globally accessible forum, especially when said joke fails to include any humour.

          The second I get the email/phonecall from this guy, in tears, absolutely distraught and disgusted that he has been compared in looks to that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE human being Louis Theroux, I will apologise profusely and take the story down.

          But for now I'm pretty happy to assume, like any normal person would, that he would see the funny side and still be pretty chuffed at winning a free PlayStation 4.

          Okay dokey? Good talk.


            So let me see.

            You're happy to run the risk of causing embarrassment to an innocent party, and see no harm in this given that you'd be prepared to remedy the situation once the harm was done. Seems responsible.

            And you're assuming that he's happy that he's won a PS4, which I would agree with, and on the basis of that he'd naturally be willing to incur any embarrassment steeped upon him. Fair enough.

            Yes, I love talking to reasonable, logical people.

              Put simply -- you're the one being unreasonable and illogical. What's this 'innocent' language? Have I accused him of a crime? Have I sullied his name?

              No, I took a photograph of him, alongside dozens of other journalists, and said he looked a bit like well known documentarian Louis Theroux. Kindly learn a sense of perspective. Then learn some manners.

                Learn some manners?

                Let's be clear.

                You're the one that said..."I'm pretty happy to assume, like any normal person would" - which is an insinuation that i'm not "normal".

                You're the one that said..."you're the one being unreasonable and illogical" - which is arguably rude, and certainly inaccurate.

                You're the one that said..."Kindly learn a sense of perspective" - which is insinuating that I lack perspective.

                You're the one that said..."Then learn some manners." - which is arguably quite patronising and completely unnecessary.


                You're the one that's potentially embarrassed someone on a global setting.

                I would suggest that if either of us were in need of learning some manners and perspective that it would be you.

              Oh, and what do you know, he's posted below! Totally fine with the situation.

              What a massive, massive surprise. /sarcasm

                Oh, I see.

                The fact that he isn't embarrassed means that there couldn't have been the potential for embarrassment in the first place.

                Isn't science wonderful.

        I saw the humour in this.. and am not offended at all. I Laughed so hard because i saw the previous article about DSE's competition and this article actually made me go last night.. So thank you Mark.

    I thought you were talking about the Wayne Swan look-a-like.

    I can see no resemblance. At all.

      I know right! That guy in the collar shirt doesnt look anything like Louis...he's far too old...

    Actually I didn't have to pay for it because I won the ps4 and a trip to e3 next year. Thanks DSE and Sony!
    Oh and I can't see the resemblance!

      Oh hey mate -- are you the guy? Congratulations!

        Are you blind. He just said he was. It's not as if someone would misrepresent themselves or lie on the internet. It has to be true because he says it is. Naturally.

          um... yes i am..

        Thanks man!

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