Who Is Going To Be On The Cover Of EA's New UFC Game?

It's been a long drawn out process but the competition to be the cover star in EA's debut UFC game is down the final two. So who is it going to be?

The final vote is down to Welterweight champion George St. Pierre or the man famous for giving Jon Jones a run for his money, Alexander Gustafsson.

Jon Jones, the current pound for pound king on the UFC roster has already been confirmed for the cover, the vote will decide who will stand alongside him.

The timing is bad for GSP. Having just been gifted a decision victory over Johny Hendricks in a fight most people thought he clearly lost, folks aren't too keen on GSP — particularly since he hinted heavily at some sort of hiatus (possibly retirement) from the sport. My money is on a Gustafsson victory. For one, many people believe he beat Jon Jones — a fighter once believe to be completely unbeatable. That fight cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting fighters, not just in the light heavyweight division, but the entire UFC company. Secondly, it makes sense for Jon Jones to share the cover with the fighter that will no doubt become the Joe Frazier to his Muhammad Ali. COnsidering how controversial (and epic) their fight was, a rematch in 2014 is unavoidable. It would make good business sense for the UFC to have both of these fighters on the cover of the video game they're trying to promote.

But it's up to the fans of course. You can vote on the cover here.


    It'll be GSP. It has to be. Regardless of what you thought of the last fight, he's still one of the most important fighters to have ever been in the UFC. He deserves the cover spot more than Gustafsson.

    I doubt it will be GSP as he has annouced that he is retiring at the end of his last fight due to personal reasons.

      Not exactly. He said he needed to take some time off due to personal reasons. Joe Rogan asked him multiple times if he meant he was retiring and GSP never explicitly said so. We'll have to wait and see what he meant.

        Yeah but rewatching that as many times and you can see that he didn't want to say he was retiring because he looked like he as severely disappointed with his fight and obviously the personal reason were something he didn't want to go into. He almost didn't so and when he didn't he only needed a little coaxing from Joe.

        From the amount of time I've rewatched that interview and from the chatter from the UFC campboard no one will be surprised if he retires for a year or two. I'll be interested to see the interim title belt fight though.

          Yeah, GSP is certainly at the tail end of his career. I really want a GSP v Hendricks rematch though, I fully expect GSP to come back and demolish Hendricks, then probably retire after that.

          Honestly, I think Condit beat Hendricks the first time around, and I'm certain he'd do it again in an interim title fight.

            I don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but I think if Condit and Hendricks fought again, Hendricks would have a lot more trouble taking Condit down. Look at how his last fight with Kampmann went.

              Weird.. I clicked my profile just as the notification for your comment appeared.

              Definitely. Hendricks is going to have a hard time beating Condit if he can't get him to the ground. I'll be interested to see if Hendricks takes the fight with Condit or if he chooses to wait for another shot at GSP. He has a lot to lose in a fight with Condit.

          I don't think the UFC will want to do another interim title after the whole Cruz debacle. I think they will make him give it up.

    I would love it to be Gustafsson. Having him sit behind Jon Jones would be perfect given the result of the previous fight.

    I also think GSP has received some (unwarranted) backlash due to his performance against Hendricks and the whole retirement thing. Add to that, Gustafsson has a lot of support on Twitter and from non-Canadians.

    I love that Tate beat Rousey; hope she can do it in the Octagon.

      As much as I'd love to see Rousey take a beating, let's be real here. Rousey by armbar in the first.

        What makes you say that?????????????????

          Mostly this:

            I was joking, I am very familiar with heard record.
            It's shocking that she still does this when they all know what is coming.

            I always had issues with her chip on the shoulder approach she has, but after seeing what an insecure bitch she is on TUF, and clearly where that comes from, her mum, I hope she gets her ass kicked my Tate.

    Should be Gustaffson and Jones sizing up. Makes more sense. GSP deserves his own cover really, but timing is all wrong.

    I voted for Gusto - more deserving this year IMO.

    GSP should retire.

      Why though, he hasn't lost any of his last 12 bouts? Aside from the judges decision on the last one the guy is normally 100% controlling of every fight. He oblivious had things going on which looked to have affected his performance.

      He should take a leave of absence for maybe a year or two and then come back.

        I'm a fan of GSP, but he's peaked and is on the rapid decline. IMO etc......

        U are tripping son the UFC isn't university you cant take a year or two off from fighting and come back to the same position you left!

          You still hold the title and they have a interim bout to determine who is title holder while you're gone. So long as you come back within the agreed amount of time you then have a bout with the current interim title holder to reclaim your title belt or you obviously lose to the new champ.

    I was horrified when they gave the decision to Jones (who I'm a big fan of) over Gustafsson. To me, Jones was clearly beaten, but not quite as badly as GSP was; that was the worst decision I've ever seen!

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