Wii U Holiday Commercial Is Not Helping The Wii U

During the boom years, when both the DS and Wii were killing it, Nintendo used to make pretty good commercials. Or, at the very least, serviceable ones. A few years back, though, something changed.

The Wii U needs all the help it can get this holiday season. This? This is not helping.

Specifically, that Dad. That Dad is not helping.

Nintendo, can we just get Iwata and Miyamoto to make every ad for you? Thanks.

UPDATE: Now this is (unofficially) more like it (thanks chrisall76!).


    Eh, not aimed at us gamers. The constant use of 'upgrade' is telling the parents watching that this isn't the same as a Wii.

      It also sorta suggests that its an addon... Upgrade usually means and upgrade to something you have, not a replacement right? So if you're upgrading your Wii... you're adding the Wii U gamepad?
      I dunno that this helps.

        Think more like an older person.

        "We need to upgrade our TV!" = "We need a new TV!"
        "We need to upgrade our car!" = "We need a new car!"

    What is the big robot Mech Jappy thing called in the unofficial commercial? Reminds me of Phantasy Star.

      I'm pretty sure its from this years E3 footage of "X"

    I can't help but chuckle that despite making a big deal about 'family time' one of the big selling points is that the kids can play on the gamepad and not hog the TV when adults want to watch TV/

    I just find it rich that Nintendo are still doing interviews where they are telling everyone else they are doing it wrong, and that Nintendo's whole business strategy is to do it 'differently' always since they "can't compete head on"... While this may have worked previously, this to me was mainly due to the commercial refinement process of consoles taking a long time...

    I think we're at the point now where gaming on literally every other system is such a complete experience, nobody really cares about 'different', so they are going after some of the most ignorant markets instead - kids and parents.

    I agree with the comments above also, the wii u really isn't an 'upgrade' its an entirely different experience, and the controller in most regards is mostly (if not entirely) wasted on 99% of non-Nintendo/Nintendo-partner direct games.

    Scrapping their refined, proven direction from the wii I think will be one of the final blows for Nintendo.. Though a couple of new pokemon games and a few 'limited edition' decals on DS units will keep them in business for now, not for long.

      They’ll be in business for the foreseeable future if they want to keep making hardware.

      While the WiiU sucks ass the DS, 3DS and Wii have all been very successful.
      People tend to forget that handhelds (and particularly Nintendo handhelds) often make as much money as their larger console counterparts.

      Just because we all consider our home consoles/ PCs as our gaming flagships doesn’t mean they have some kind of greater importance to Nintendo’s bottom line.
      The PSP and Vita didn’t sell very well but you never hear “Oh god, Sony are f*cked!”.

      I also don’t know how you call the Wii a “refined, proven direction”. The Wii sold a lot of consoles to a shitload people who wanted only a couple of games, but I think the market on motion control and fitness games is now pretty much covered elsewhere.
      I also think that most people who bought a Wii played it on and off for a year or so and then put it in the cupboard. I’m not sold on the idea that those people would have been that keen to buy a Wii2 which again ran using something similar to the Wiimote. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of gamers are sick and tired of games which less-than-perfect motion control.

      Don’t get me wrong, they completely botched the WiiU and I have no idea where they go from here. The hardware in it will be a generation behind next week, it’s still quite expensive, it’s got no 3rd party support and while Nintendo make great games they can only pump out so many a year.

      With the hardware being old and the console having no traction, it will be very interesting to see when Nintendo aims to release their next consoles. Do they go early into the next Gen and only give the WiiU a 3-4 year life cycle? That’s my preferred option, do what they did with the N64 and put out a moderately more powerful console two years into the Xbone/ PS4 cycle. That would give them 4 years as the market leaders (power wise) without forcing them to really push the boundaries of new technology.

    When have they said that everyone else is doing it wrong? They can't compete head on; unlike Sony and Microsoft they can only rely on games to make a profit. So obviously they do need to approach the market differently.

    "Commercial refinement process of consoles"? I have no idea what you're on about. No one saw the Wii being the huge success it was when it first came out. Tablet comparisons and motion control not being special anymore are its biggest problems, but good games will solve everything.

    Take a look at the 3DS which you've underestimated. With Pokemon out (and all the other Nintendo games this year), they've guaranteed their dominance in the handheld market.

    Just STFU Nintendo and give me more Metroid.

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