Wing Commander Is Once Again Complete

With today's release of Wing Commander: Armada on GOG, each and every title from the classic space sim series has now been modernised for today's PCs. Well, except for Wing Commander Arena. But it's probably better that way.


    Oh, the memories. Would this work or would it be another foray into the past that just shatters my youthful recollections that were all filmed through lenses smeared with Vaseline?

      From the looks of that video, it will probably rip the glasses of off our faces and then curb stomp them.
      Double sigh.

    Nah, Wing Commander is still the Best. There's a reason Chris Roberts has raised $28 Million on kickstarter...

    GOG also have a 50% off special if you "complete the set", in other words if you order all the WC games that are not yet in your GOG library.

    [Edit] Of course the video tells you this at the end, but if you read the article without watching the video there's no mention of this.

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