Is Down, But We Don't Really Know Why... [Update: Site Is Back Up]

As of right now is down. It is inaccessible. is also down. The reasonable assumption to make would be that the launch of the Xbox One and the update is placing considerable strain on Microsoft's resources, but the truth is we simply don't know why the site is down.

It appears to be a DNS issue and at this point we're not sure whether it will actually affect the performance of Xbox LIVE, or hinder people in their attempt to download the 500 MB patch the console requires to actually run on day one. From my own Twitter feed it appears as though people are currently downloading the patch without issue.

The Windows Azure Service Dashboard seems to suggest that only the North Central US storage service is experiencing partial service interruption, but that happened several hours ago. We have no real idea if that is the issue here, or if that's affecting

We'll update when we hear more but, in the meantime, how are people going with the Xbox One? Have you been able to download the update — is Xbox LIVE currently working for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Strangely, the Windows Azure Service Dashboard is down, but now is up and running.


    Cant seem to connect the xbox to my wireless. i changed channel and ensured its on g&b mode. Any suggestions?

    oh my god this is so embarrassing for Microsoft on Xbox one lunch day rofl

      Like it was for the PS4 when PSN went down? This sort of thing happened last gen, it's happening this gen. It's teething problems, nothing more. It's no disaster for either company, Sony or MS.

        Yeah, it did happen to the PS4, but all the Xbot's in the world flamed Sony for their day 1 teething problems, saying how the XB1 would launch without a single hitch because of it's amazing 300k servers. Which hasn't proven to be true.

          But in the end isn't it a big pissing match between both parties? I mean it doesn't actually matter... it's only a couple of days at worst and games are still able to be played. I guess it's just a thing where I think it gets blown massively out of proportion. #tryingtokeepshitinperspectiveandInormallyhatehashtags

        It did? Because I heard people saying that they were surprised that the network managed to stay up. Pat from Two Best Friends said all new games he bought were downloaded and he was surprised that the network didn't crash.

          Yep sure did:

      As @weresmurf said, PSN was up and down for about 3-4 days after launch although downtime would be worse for Xbox One users since they have to download a Day One Patch to essentially make the console function. However about 1 hour of downtime so far isn't bad and because it is DNS issues i doubt it is because of an influx of One users but either something on MS end or possibly an external threat (which is unlikley but still...).

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    The reasonable assumption to make would be that the launch of the Xbox One and the update is placing considerable strain on Microsoft’s resources

    I don't know about that. I mean how many XBOX One's are out there? And how many have been sold yet (keeping in mind time zone differences)? We've seen the PSN and XBOX Live both handle the madness that was MW2, where pretty much every XBOX 360 and PS3 was connected and attempting to play online at once.

    I've been struggling to download the update all morning. To start with I thought it was my wireless connection but I'm not having much luck wired either

      At midnight last night mine took 25-30 mins to get to 50%, then 3 mins to get to 100% from there.

    Man sounds like they need to Silo that sh** up a bit. You wouldn't wan't things like Xbox Live to effect your business apps like Azure and Outlook.

    no issues connecting and getting update here... and to the peanut trying to troll by saying is embarrassing... psn went down for hours and affected all users... Xbox live has been running smooth for 9 hours on my console.

    It definitely stopped people from downloading the 500mb update, whirlpool is full of comments, all good now though. Some people managed to stay in the whole time, I managed to try and switch accounts to my US account right when it went down so was stuck logged out for a good 30 mins.

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