Xbox One Comes Free With Select LG TVs This Christmas

You might remember that Sony, a few Christmases back, did a great job of promoting two of its strongest brands by offering a free PlayStation 3 with every Bravia TV purchase. Now LG and Microsoft are teaming up to offer a similar deal. Post the release of Xbox One, LG is offering a free console to anyone who purchases a TV from its select LG ULTRA HDTV range.

The deal is valid until January 6, 2014.

This cross promotion, however, is limited only to LG's 4k televisions, which means you'll really have to break the bank if you want to get a free Xbox One. There are three televisions to choose from. The 55LA9700 retails at around $4499.99 and the larger version of that TV will set you back $6499.99.

The cheapest TV you can purchase whilst still receiving a free Xbox One is the 55LA9650, which retails at $3499.99.

And it is somewhat ironic that you are required to buy a 4k television for a console that seems to struggle to output its games at 1080p. Sure there are some launch titles running at full HD — namely the incredible looking Forza Motorsport 5 — but I don't foresee that many games on the Xbox One will be running at the 3840 × 2160 resolution anytime soon.


    it had my interest as I need a new tv, but at $3500 minimum...nah. I'll get a 4k tv when there's content available and more importantly, when Australia's internet network can handle 4k stuff (read never)

    Um yeah but the Xbox One outputs 4K video. So it make sense to me. Unscaled Blurays at 4k

    Smart move, if you actually put $4K in the title for a TV for a free Xbox one, I would've skipped this article...

    Excuse me Mark but your comment above is rather moronic... Xbox one has more 1080p native 60fps launch titles than the Ps4

    Zoo Tycoon
    Kinect Sports Rivals Pre Season

    Should I keep going?

    Ps4 on the other hand
    Killzone SF 1080p 30fps variable in campaign...

    clap clap for the uninformed handicap!

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