Xbox One Game Changed Between Reviews And Release

Xbox One Game Changed Between Reviews And Release

Crimson Dragon, the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, just came out, but already the game is being altered after it received, well, let’s say mixed reviews.

Saying he has “heard the feedback” on the game, director Yukio Futatsugi is ringing the changes, which include generally making the game easier.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to make these changes before the game releases on Xbox One this week”, he says. “Thank you all for the feedback. You are truly helping me make ‘Crimson Dragon’ the game that I hoped it would be.”

Games are updated all time due to feedback. But normally weeks, if not months down the line. They’re rarely changed in the short timeframe between reviews and release.

So any reviews written until now aren’t reflecting the game that consumers will actually get their hands on. Yet anyone on the fence about buying the game will check reviews.


Crimson Dragon [Xbox]


    • If you follow the source link:

      *We have increased the experience points your dragons will get from each battle, including the experience points you get when you fail a mission.
      *Finding your favorite combination of items is an important part of “Crimson Dragon,” so we’ve reduced the cost of items and expanded the availability of jewels (in-game credits) throughout the game.
      *We’ve adjusted the different game styles, “Casual” and “Classic”, to better match their intended level of difficulty.

  • Developers seem to be more willing to do this these days. Take Watch Dogs for example. Previously due to be released on November 19th, it now has an unspecified release date during Q2 2014. Perhaps its an indication that publishers are getting concerned that their hard release dates are negatively impacting on release quality?

  • I think this is pretty great. Worst case scenario, if people buy games purely based off reviews (which they shouldn’t be doing anyway), they are going to get a better game than they expected.

    The only people this hurts is us game reviewers, no one else. I think we can #dealwithit.

  • Ok. My experience has been less than stellar. Headset is cheap stopped working day 2. Microsoft won’t send a replacement until I pay to send the messed up one in. And the xbox one freezes so going from games to TV isn’t seem less as they make it out to be. My screen freezes for about 10-30 seconds before going to tv. There’s a lot going on in the system and it definitely needs a stronger processor!

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