Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages

Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages

Via Twitter user @getB3NT, behold the greatest error message on any video game console. "Because of your past behaviour, you can't Xbox Live Gold is required to use Skype for Xbox One."

(Note: @getB3NT says you get that error message if you swear in a private Skype call, but I just spent like five minutes cursing at Tina on XB1 Skype, and I didn't get anything like that. Others are reporting that they've gotten similar message for swearing on the video-sharing app Upload Studio.)

That's not the only amazing error message on Xbox One. There are also these, captured by our own Evan Narcisse:

Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages
Xbox One Has The Best Error Messages

SOMETHING WENT TERRIBLY WRONG. FOR SOME REASON. The next generation of error messages is here, and it is glorious.


    Perhaps one day we shall return to the Guru Meditation Error. That will be a great day.

      Ah yes loved seeing the 'guru meditation' error on my Amiga 500.

        So many "good" memories with the Guru. Still regret selling my Amiga.

    well. aren't microsoft being cool & funny & not at all obnoxious?

      ... Given it makes no sense at all, it's clearly a typo/etc.

    That's gonna be really useful stuff when talking to customer support.

    You can't swear in a private Skype call? Swearing makes up most of my vocabulary and mostly as terms of endearment. XD

      What worries me more is that Microsoft is monitoring (probably at random) users private conversations on the Xbox version of Skype

        Dont be silly, there not listening in on phone calls. The reason why, yet another dumb xbox rumour was started, is because if you constantly swear and be abusive when using upload studio, you get a temp ban on your account which blocks you form using skype.

        Whoever it happened too obveusly didnt know why he got suspended and just assumed it was because of skype.

      This isn't true. I've been using both Skype and Party Chat and am a very, erm, articulate speaker, and have yet to suffer any repercussions.

        Yeah I agree (also @mase).. From all the reports here this seems to be purely anecdotally attributed to this. I very highly doubt this is actually in any way related.

    Gotta love voice chat systems that appear to be monitoring everything you say. Not at all prying.
    Still we have known that Skype conversations are being centrally monitored for quite some time I guess, so not much of a surprise.

    So what's next? Certain countries demanding that MS punish or divulge details of users that make blasphemous comments in private chats in exchange for being able to sell their products there?

    They're trying to do the Win8 thing with the sad face and "something went wrong". Only, wow, that's terrible.

    Microsoft have a history of awesome error messages.

    Anyone remember the old "Keyboard error, press F1 to resume" message from the DOS days?

      Anyone remember the old "Keyboard error, press F1 to resume" message from the DOS days?

      LOL! I remember this! Classic Microsoft logic.

        Sorry, but this one actually made sense... one of the common issues was that the keyboard would be unplugged (or not quite plugged in), so plugging it in properly and then hitting F1 was the solution... I will admin it could have been more verbose...

      Actually, that was a BIOS thing - and it meant "we can't find something that looks like a keyboard, prove you have one to continue," though it was badly worded.

      But MS have never been very helpful with their error messages. Windows XP seemed particularly bad, with many error messages genericised to "something went wrong", and provide no further hints as to where to look for logs or something to tell you WHAT went wrong.

      I like Unix-type OS', check /var/log and find why something didn't work (usually that simple.)

        Wasn't always a BIOS thing. There was one very similar if not identical built into DOS.

    It looks like Microsoft may not think it be like it is, but it do.

    This is one of the reasons I hated Windows 8 initially - the error messages give you no information. "Something went wrong!" Well, duh - if it hadn't, I'd still be using my computer. Even worse is the patronising smiley face on the BSOD... Tell me what happened so I can fix it, dammit! Or so I can find someone who can.

    I suppose it makes a little more sense in a black box like a game console, but still, it'd be nice if it could at least tell me if it's the same thing causing an error repeatedly, if it's fixable or requires an RMA. PHP's "paamayim nekudotayim" error is better than this - at least it's distinctive. An apologetic smiley face will not help me prevent the issue in the future.

    "Sorry you have a very strong Asian accent. Xbox is shutting down."

    So, the source of an error is now a disclaimer?! They should also add "no refunds" at the end of all error messages, just for that extra bite!

    "There was an error and it wasn't us!" :P :/

    Last edited 26/11/13 5:25 pm

    So some idiot has programmed in some micro management crap that may get in the way when your xbox one is 5 years old and a little bit slower. This is wrong. Let PEOPLE decide if a game is taking too long to load. These kinds of safeguards and checks are often the only way problem can be allowed to occur in the first place.
    This micro management, idiot thinking is what ruined the only good thing about GTA IV, the multiplayer. The auto detection of the PC/frame rate running too slowly kicked you from online - which cheaters took advantage of to ruin sessions by spawning tugs on land (causing lag) and getting everyone kicked. I thought everyone in the videogames industry learnt from that disaster, oh well...

      like only shitsoft(microsoft) know do it

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