Yes, The Xbox One Has Silly Achievements For Watching Movies And TV

Yes, The Xbox One Has Silly Achievements For Watching Movies And TV

As we've discussed previously, the Xbox One will have two types of achievement. There are gaming achievements, like you've always had, but now there are also media achievements, designed to reward you for spending time using your Xbox One for other stuff (and, ultimately, spending more money).

This image is our first look at how they're actually going to be handled.

It seems the two kinds of reward aren't in any way linked - Microsoft's talk at E3 indicated they'd be kept separate, and didn't talk much about it yesterday - but what you can see in the shot above says pretty much all you need to know about them. They're so stupid, and will surely be something most people only pick up by accident.

Unless... oh yeah, at E3, Microsoft also said there'd be "benefits" to gaining media achievements. That second Amazon achievement surely hinting at what some of those benefits might be.


    Meh, some people will get into it, just look at foursquare.

    Is Microsoft trying to completely remove all value from achievements?

      Well, it's hard to remove something that isn't there.

      These are challenges and not achievements as such.
      Only game achievements give Gamerscore. Also these things aren't there for bragging rights so much as completing them can give anything from in game bonuses (one example was a game having a community headshot weekend where they needed everyone to total 1mil headshots to unlock it and everyone who participated would get a bonus for the game, similar to the current borderlands promo thing) or for stuff like amazon or Netflix maybe a discount on the service or something like that.
      This is not a "GET MAD GAMERSCORE IF YOU WATCH SOME VIDEOS!!!" thing.

    God I hope there's a way to make it utterly invisible when you're trying to look at ACTUAL achievements.

    How can anyone look at this and not think, "Ugh, fuck off, Microsoft?"
    How could they have even lived with themselves, coding it in? How many devs did this marketing-designed feature put onto stress leave when they realized they couldn't live with themselves after this?

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