Yet Another Reason Why Oculus Rift Is The Future...

Despite liking both next-gen consoles, neither of them gave me that shock of the new feeling the Oculus Rift gave me. If they find a way to package this device in a way that is accessible, with software tailored to its strengths, it's all over. This incredible flight sim set-up is further proof that the Oculus Rift is a terrifyingly cool device.

The game being played is War Thunder and it does what all the best Oculus Rift experiences do — augment an experience with clever head tracking. In my own experience with the Rift, I found that games that let me move with mouse and keyboard sucked me out of the game. My favourite experiences were the ones where the control was out of my hands.

In this case, however, the Oculus Rift set-up mimics reality. When piloting a aircraft you don't physically move your body. You sit rigid and all you can really move is your head and the controls at your disposal. That's why this Rift demo looks so cool — there is zero dissonance between what your body is doing and what you're doing in the game itself. That dissonance, I found, was what made me feel queasy whilst using the Oculus Rift.

I'd like to see more stuff like this coming out for the Oculus Rift.

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    "If they find a way to package this device in a way that is accessible, with software tailored to its strengths, it’s all over"

    It's all over until a mate walks into the room and hits you in the groin while you're playing games. THEN it's all over.

    Honestly the idea of being so completly removed from your environment is going to be a major issue for lots of people going forward.Yeah, it looks great, but do you really want to be sitting there blind and deaf (assuming you have headphones) for long periods if you live with a wife/kids/roommate.

    I don't even like walking around with headphones in because I hate having that one sense totally missing, the idea of spending hours almost completely blocked out of my surroundings isn't particularly appealing one to me.

      Solution: get new friends that don't come into your house and punch you in the balls.

        Then I’d have to either:
        A/ Be a hypocrite or;
        B/ Resist the temptation to hit a person who’s oblivious to my presence and wearing a stupid looking headset in the groin.

        Neither of those things are going to happen.

          You are a terrible, terrible "friend" and everything that's wrong with Australian culture.

          Presumably the whole ball hitting thing could be solved with a cricket box with a few nails hammered through it (so they point outwards, obviously)

            Then you've got the issue of looking like you have an erection. Which will make people question exactly what it is you're using the oculus rift for...

            Good ole aussie ingenuity. Simple solution to simple problem.

      If I'm playing a good game and at a difficult section I am zoned out anyway. Even if I respond to my wife I often don't hear the question. This isn't much different to that.

      Honestly the idea of being so complety removed from your environment is going to be a major issue for lots of people going forward.Yeah, it looks great, but do you really want to be sitting there blind and deaf (assuming you have headphones) for long periods if you live with a wife/kids/roommate.

      Actually there are tons of people who don't have a problem with being removed from their enviroment, even with wife and kids, its called World of Warcraft lol.

      For me, spending hours blocked from the outside world to escape to a new world via VR is something i always wanted to do since i was a kid.

      @foggy - I agree with you. Ill add that I think the Oculus Rift is aimed at the selfish fulltime gamer. Im talking about those who spend 24/7 playing Steam games & live off government welfare. Those people are already so far removed from reality, and dont give a crap about family..

      Last edited 26/11/13 6:00 am

        I'm selfish because after I've cooked dinner and cleaned up the house I want to play games in my bedroom? That doesn't make any sense. You're saying I can't have an hour or two to myself because why, because I want to cover my eyes and put headphones on? Yeah, great argument.

    iracing anyone? or any other GOOD racing simulation?

    when is this coming out?

      iRacing is amazing with the Rift already - Assetto Corsa also has native Rift support but it is awaiting a patch (doesn't render correctly currently) - like stated anything where you are in a cockpit works really well with the Rift. It minimises the nausea. Trying to shoehorn this tech into FPS or other twitchy genres doesn't appeal to me at all.

      Consumer Rift release can't come soon enough

      Last edited 25/11/13 3:58 pm

        it works well with ARMA, where your head is independent of body oreatation.

        it dosn't work well with fixed perspective shooters like BF4 and COD though

        I recently bought Assetto Corsa, and it is a VERY good game.

        funniest thing ever though, is putting mum in iRacing behined the lotus 79... she does alright in the less twitchy cars though... (FR500 stang)

      True, forza or GT with this would be awesome. When you watch racing drivers they aren't always looking directly at where the car is going usually.

    Yeah, it would have been awesome if THIS was a part of the next gen consoles.....

      I think you would just end up with a Kinect situation
      When a Twitter follower requested Carmack bring the Oculus Rift to PS4, the veteran programmer replied, "Sony would have to allow support for the sensor interface. I'm not holding my breath." This is probably due to Sony allegedly developing its own VR headset.
      Consoles are great for certain things but if you want innovation, the PC is the only place to be (at least so long as the manufacturers insist on walled gardens and unnecessary proprietary hardware).

        Too true. Wish I had more time to game as it is let alone spend more money it. :P

    god dam i wish they would hurry up and release the consumer version already!!

    Rig up kiddies, we're jacking in...

    We're not too far off the tipping point for some major social issues once this evolves a few generations though. Better Than Life anyone?

      Can't wait to enjoy my Dom Perignon '54 in a pint glass

      I just want to say son... I just want to say... You're a total smeg head!

    Oh I can't wait till this gets a few more generations along and the resolution is good enough so you can spot infantry from a click and a half away in arma. I'll be getting one when it hits the equivalent of a 2560x1440 monitor

      If you've got a good monitor, go buy a TrackIR today. You won't be disappointed, or waiting.

    As a flight sim, mech jock junky I will be all over this shit.

    When it goes down in price. I am a poor junky.

    I'm still scratching my head over the fuss with the new gen of consoles... Tell me again what innovations did they bring?

    Also, OCR + Star Citizen = life is over.

    I've got an Oculus Rift with me at the moment, it's a friend of mine's that he let me borrow, it's probably the most fun experience I've had gaming in a long time, I hope to see more of it

    i could stick a screen to my face and call it VR to......stupid concept imo

      Have you tried it? If so what didn't appeal to you about it?

      You're forgetting about the stereoscopic 3D.

      Say what you will now, but if you ever try it, you'll realise just how wrong you are. It works so well that it's a little frightening at times.

    OMG! Can't wait... 2 words... Star Citizen!!

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