You Can Rob A Store Using Your Dog's Ball In GTA V

You could play fetch with your dog in Grand Theft Auto...or, you could use the ball to threaten people and force them to give you their money in a robbery. Because that's possible in this game, for whatever bizarre reason.

Dunno why this is possible, but either way, the latest round of myths tested by the mythbustin' DefendTheHouse is well-worth watching. It's not just about chop's ball doubling as a deadly, threatening weapon — it's fun to see characters electrocute themselves, too.

Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 9 [DefendTheHouse]


    If someone was threatening me with dogs' balls Id give them my money too

    Probably is a grenade, just doesn't blow up. I'm not talking about the way things look, I'm talking about the way it works

    I used to manager a servo for a few years and I can confirm that rob a store with just about anything, even pool noodle. Our policy was that if someone asked for all of the money you just give it to them (all tills were under $200 anyway), even if they're not threatening or anything.

      I think you're taking such policies somewhat hyperbolic. If I walked in to a petrol station and just said "hey can I have all the money in with my shopping thanks" then I haven't even committed any crime..

        The servo down the road from the was robbed with a coat hanger. No joke

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