You Could Own A Very Pretty White Xbox One

You Could Own A Very Pretty White Xbox One

I'm coming around to the look of the black Xbox One, but, like the original Xbox, I think the console looks better in white. Sadly, the only white consoles in existence have been destined for the homes of Microsoft employees. All except for one.

It's being auctioned on eBay, with proceeds going to the children's charity GamesAid. The cause, coupled with the exclusivity and the attractiveness of the box, means those wanting it are not going to get it cheap.

Bidding currently sits at £6700 ($11,340), and with two whole days to go it's only going to go higher.

Xbox One White Exclusive Launch Team Commemorative Special Edition [eBay]


    That white one looks amazing, traditionally speaking Xbox have made some of the coolest looking consoles since Xbox 360 started... Sony on the other hand have never made a good looking console, maybe the little PsOne but that just looked like a Sony Walkman and that's just about it
    The Ps4 looks like an eraser and the ps3 well every iteration looked like the George Forman grill, I expected better from the Japanese!!! where's something cool like the GameCube!

    If they make a Halo Xbox One then I get one.

    As someone who owned 3 separate 360s and had 2 of them sent for repairs between, the idea of spending 11,000+ on a special edition launch console seems extra ridiculous.

    Looks nice though!

    they most probably will release them in white in a few years imo. but fuck that white and black two tone looks amazing. they should have gone with this in the first place.

    Ooh a white one I'm gonna call it the iBox

    Every time I see an expensive item like this, I keep wanting to ask "does it play DVDs?!?!" in a Chris Rock voice. Which is a line from Bad Company that for some reason never caught on. :(

    Lol, it's only at £4100 now. Looks like a bunch of bids got cancelled/retracted, some of them are pretty ridiculous too!

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