​You'll Be Able To Share Xbox One Game Clips Wherever You Want

Seems like this is the generation where game recording becomes a required feature for consoles. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have the capability to save and share gameplay clips but there's one big difference: users will be able to share Xbox One gameplay clips all over the web, including YouTube.

Microsoft's new game console hooks into the tech giant's SkyDrive and that means that your XB1 snippets will show up on the cloud service's desktop or mobile clients. It'll presumably be only a couple of clicks to move clips to YouTube, Vimeo or similar sharing sites. Keep in mind that recordings from PS4 gameplay can be shared via Facebook or with PlayStation Network friends, options that are far more limited than being able to put it where you want. Sony has said that it will eventually have YouTube support for the PS4.

It should be noted that the Xbox One's Game DVR feature requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription. SkyDrive on the Xbox 360 also requires a Gold subscription; it's safe to assume that the same will be true with the Xbox One. Of course, the true test of how all of this video sharing works happens once the Xbox One makes its big debut this Friday.


    Awesome, YouTube wont be flooded with garbage at all...

      I have a feeling that for the first year, every no scope, every double kill and every mundane glitch will flood on to YouTube until people start realizing that nobody gives a shit.

      To think people were worried about cats clogging up the internet. It will be xbone videos.

    The videos of this in action make it look simple yet powerful. Can't wait to get sharing.

    My only gripe is that it's not always recording - I'd like to tell the XBone to start recording then stop - or tell it to just slice off the last 45 seconds - that way I can grab those on the spot crazy moments that happen by accident without being prepared.

      The Xbone is constantly recording. It saves the last 5 minutes of gameplay. You can simply say "XBOX, record that" and it'll save what you've just done.

        Cool - then I'll have proof the next time I do something awesome.

    I'm in love with the fact that you can put the clips onto SkyDrive and then grab them and edit them on your computer. I didn't expect Microsoft to be so user friendly with this. I thought they'd limit you to editing individual clips through the Xbone interface, which is pretty slick and works well (it has good transitions and picture in picture and voice recording), but sometimes you want complete control and freedom.

    I couldn't be more happier with this feature.

      Agreed this is going to rock....especially as I'm in a small gaming group that already does this.....some much fun recording antics in gta5.

      this just makes it easier :)

    So how does it work for those countries not lucky enough to get voice commands at launch?

      Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if this feature doesn't come out to Australia for 2 years.

      You'll just have to swim over to the mainland :P

        I dont speak Australian

          aahhh its easy you just gotta learn to say

          Strewth and Kaaarnnt...
          your all good

          I used to date a kiwi bird, I used to ask her what's 3+3 and when she answered I used to say..,.ok if you insist :P

            haha kiwi six is more like siks, aussie six is more like seix

              You mean she was tricking me to get seix......i feel so used :P

        I'm not even sure is AUS gets voice commands at launch. But apparently you just do it through the guide menu.

          pretty sure its been confirmed for australia, just not the 'xbox on' which is odd

            When I lived in the USA I had to imitate a Yank every time I used a voice recognition phone service. Felt weird. Just talk like an Aussie to your xbox: "Airxbox awn"

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