Your New Achievements Are Much Prettier On Xbox One

Your New Achievements Are Much Prettier On Xbox One

The little achievement pop-up isn't the only thing that's changed on the Xbox One. Actually viewing Xbox One achievements themselves will be better, too.

The first image in this post, which comes from Microsoft's Mike Ybarra, may look like a wallpaper, but it's actually what a specific achievement in Ryse looks like. It's the screen you'd see if you pressed and held the Xbox button when the achievement icon pops up (or the screen you'd see if you looked at this specific achievement later). Basically, the Xbox One gives you a nice visual you can look back on with each achievement, which is pretty cool.

And this is what the screen containing all your achievements for specific games will look like — the left side will show you what percentage of achievements you've gotten in a game, and you can scroll through the pictures to see individual achievements in that game.

How do you like those achievements!

— Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) November 16, 2013

Choosing any of those pictures will take you to a screen similar to the first one in this post.

Between this and having the ability to choose the colour of your achievement pop-up, achievements on the Xbox One are a definite improvement over those on the 360.


    Is it done as a screenshot at the moment you got the achievement, or is it just a 'this image depicts what you did in a general way' image?

      Judging by the one pictured, it doesnt look like they equiped a rare item, but it does look like the multiplayer.

        I guess it depends how you equip things. I think it'd be awesome to have the picture as a 'third person camera' view of the scene when you got the achievement from some artistic camera angle. But just a general picture is cool too, definitely better than the old version.

          Yeah. That'd be pretty cool as long as it worked. Although there's some danger since they wouldn't have much control over the circumstances for a lot of achievements. My Zombie Genocide achievement for instance could happen anywhere in the game while I'm doing pretty much anything. I'm not that into the idea of looking through it like a photo album but it'd be a bit dumb if the photo for it had the camera trapped inside a wall or something.

            yea it would have have to be built into the game pretty well, which im not sure developers would love to do, a screenshot of what you saw on your screen could easily be done though, but again could look like nothing if its slightly delayed or whatever.

            Last edited 19/11/13 1:21 pm

              Don't both next-gen systems record the last 10 minutes of game footage in the background? The screenshot one could use that.

              If I ever get around to finishing my current game project, I might look at adding 'cinematic' style achievement screenshots just for the novelty. It'd be extra work, but not much.

                Haha I would have got 7 shots of credits last night when completing BF4 on hard and watching all 3 endings.

              which im not sure developers would love to do

              And as we've seen with this generation, if a developer doesn't want to put in the work on achievements they're happy to just put out the bare minimum to please Microsoft's terms.

                how about a snapshot of your face using Kinect the instant it pops haha

                Last edited 19/11/13 4:09 pm

                  Heh. I think more worrying than the accidental photo sneaking out is the fact in 99% of them I'd look exactly the same in different clothes.

          Agreed, as a self-confessed achievement whore I must admit this is cool.

      If it is the former, I'm going to have a lot of fun.

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