YouTuber Says He Was Censored For Criticising Another YouTuber

YouTuber Says He Was Censored For Criticising Another YouTuber
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This morning, video-maker Matt Lees put up a video criticising another YouTuber, KSIOlajidebt. A few hours later, it was taken down — removed by YouTube due to a copyright claim by KSIOlajidebt himself. Censorship? Lees, who works for the website, sure thinks so.

KSI, who has four million subscribers on YouTube, is a controversial figure in the British gaming world. His popularity grew out of his FIFA and shock comedy videos. He’s been criticised for his behaviour towards women in some of his videos, and last year, he was banned for life from the Eurogamer Expo following controversy around his treatment of attendees.

In the video posted this morning, Lees pointed to KSI’s behaviour and begged Microsoft not to hire him as a promotional figure for events like last night’s Xbox One launch party in London, where he took the stage to hype up the crowd. Within two hours, Lees’ video had been taken down.

Lees’ video uses clips from KSIOlajidebt’s YouTube channel, which is presumably why the copyright claims went through. Lees has since re-uploaded a version without those clips, which you can see above.

“I’m a bit shocked he’s used YouTube’s copyright functions to censor the points I was trying to make, and it’s definitely a worry for us going forward,” Lees told me in an e-mail this afternoon.

Lees’ biggest concern, he says, is that KSI’s copyright claim affects their ability to monetise videos in the future. When an account moves out of YouTube’s “good standing” status, YouTube can take actions to prevent that video-maker from collecting profits off their advertisements.

“If it doesn’t get removed, he’s effectively putting me out of work – which obviously is a bit uncool,” Lees said.

Here’s KSI’s video from Eurogamer Expo 2012. (Warning: it’s rather gross.)

I reached out to KSIOlajidebt for comment this morning, but have not yet heard back. Microsoft has since told that they do not plan to work with KSI in the future.


  • Lees’ video uses clips from KSIOlajidebt’s YouTube channel, which is presumably why the copyright claims went through.
    No, as usual basic research might help Kotaku. Youtube’s copyright policy is essentially block first-question later. The owner of any copyright can claim an infringement on their copyright in a youtube video and it’s instantly removed, along with a nice red mark on the video makers channel.
    3 claims (which can actually all be done at once) and the channel is removed, permanantly (unless you are somehow able to convince youtube to bring it back)

    Anyway, how the hell does this guy have 4m+ subscribers??

  • because of this guys behavior and a lot of other guys think its awesome and live like it.

    I run nightclub security and we are ALWAYS throwing guys like this out and having them arrested, but we’re just treating the symptoms not the problem which is a culture that says this is ok.

    All it takes is one of these girls to not want this treatment and its sexual assault, and giving guys the idea that its acceptable to like this to all women? thats messed up.

  • Ugh, how can people think that hiring that asswad is a good image for their company? I mean, unless your company name is “HURR, BOOBIES” and your staff are all 5-year-old boys who think that cooties is a real thing, your management team needs to be fired.

    • And that’s the problem…

      there *is* actually a market audience for this kind of stupid behaviour and it sells =/

  • How the hell is this guy even allowed in to anywhere? I like boobs as much as anyone but there’s a line of respect you don’t cross.

  • The sad thing is, this isn’t the first case of someone abusing YouTube/DMCA’s takedown policies to censor other people. It’s also been used in things like suspected political sabotage as well.

  • Yeah, very surprised that he gets employment from acting like that. Would’ve thought that behaviour would have gotten him blacklisted from every industry event there is.

    And instead he gets to MC the events???

    Strange, strange world.

  • well he should file a copyright violation. the fair use act allows people to use video for education, education, criticisms ect. youtube needs to review their copyright claim procedure as too many legit vids get taken down when someone gets butt hurt

  • Asking a gal why she is not “fingering herself right now?” That’s just bottom of the gutter. This dude has just created a gutterage class system in which he is at the bottom…

  • KSI is awesome i know sometimes he become a dick.And if someone get offended by it can go and take him to court 🙂 But most of people he talk about sex with don’t get offended but anyone got their own opinion 🙂 ……..Well he is funny and i love him 🙂

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