100 More Games In Steam's Immediate Future, Including Space Minecraft

100 More Games in Steam's Immediate Future, Including Space Minecraft

Well, if you wanna get technical, it's not really space Minecraft. It's more of a sci-fi sandbox RPG thing. But it's pretty darn close.

Apart from phr00t's Space Minecraft 3089 there's a whole bunch of other quirky and interesting titles in Steam's latest batch of nearly 100 community-approved Greenlight games. There's a shoot-em-up starring cats mining for milk under the ocean. A retro game which explores what happens to game characters slated for deletion. A ridiculously named soccer game where the teams bomb each others' brains out. There's even an archery game that is very much reminiscent of the ever-frustrating QWOP. Quite the haul! But before we dive in:

Note: Being Greenlit means that a game has been approved for distribution on Steam by the community. It doesn't guarantee a release — projects may be abandoned, crowdfunding campaigns may fail, developers may disappear. Greenlit games are merely guaranteed a spot on the Steam store, provided they manage to reach a playable state.

So let's take a look, shall we?

Not bad, not bad. Up top is a player-made tank from vehicular combat game Scraps, my personal favourite. Which one's yours?

100 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam]


    The Stomping Land has the potential to be great
    Not much else that I recognise, will have to have a look over the weekend. Apparently my greenlight voting has been slack recently

    Go! Go! Nippon! is coming to Steam?
    Woohoo! \o/
    Too bad I already bought it from MangaGamer, but it's still good to see it getting on Greenlight.

    3089 – Basically Space Minecraft

    Ahh what? Not even close. Maybe you are confusing this with Starforge?

    How is Virtual Pool 4 not getting GreenLit?

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