17 Minutes Of Rube Goldberg Machines Will Make Your Evening

In Japan, there's a children's educational program called PythagoraSwitch. The majority of it is a Sesame Street-style puppet program, but there are fantastic interludes with Rube Goldberg machines. Let's watch those!

Above, you can see what's supposedly all of the show's Rube Goldberg machines. My kids have grown up watching this program each morning, and the highlight for them (ok, me) are these incredibly inventive contraptions. They never cease to amaze and impress.

ピタゴラスイッチ 全集 [[email protected] via 2ch]

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    This is like binge-watching The Walking Dead. "I'll just watch one more... I'll just watch one more..." Thank you, Brian!

    Wow... IDK what they were advertising but some of those Rube Goldberg machines are DAMN clever!

    This is legitimately the best show on Japanese television. Where's the algorithm dance, Ashcraft?!

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