​1980s Luigi Actor Dies At 72

 1980s Luigi Actor Dies At 72

Canadian actor Danny Wells, best known among gamers as the man who played Luigi on the late-1980s TV show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has died at age 72.

According to his obituary in The Montreal Gazette, Wells, whose actual name is Jack Westelman, passed away last Thursday, November 28. In addition to his role on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show alongside the late Mario actor Lou Albano, Wells had a recurring role on The Jeffersons and did voice acting for many other films and video games.

Here's a well-loved clip of Wells as Luigi:

A sad day all around.


    Now both Mario Bros have fixed their last pipe. But they are both reunited to make more bad puns and jokes before cartoons.

    My 3yr old discovered this old Mario Bros show on Netflix and for some crazy reason loves it.

    Alot of awful TV came out of the 80s, and this would have to be in the top 10 most awful. Pretty sad if Mario Bros is what he'll be remembered for.

      Yeah my 3yo too - I was always annoyed that Nintendo gave them such high pitcher voices in the 90s cuz their cartoon voices and personalities were cool!

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