Game Characters Finally Enjoy Their Holiday Feast

Dayshot: 2013 is slowly coming to an end, which means video game characters can finally enjoy their holiday feast... even if it's tiny and made of plastic. Bonus points for finding the Portal Turret in the photo. Oh and why isn't poor Luigi sitting on a throne? It was his year after all.

Dayshot is an image-based feature that runs every morning, showcasing some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find. Send us suggestions if you've got them.


    Sonic eyeballing Samus, guess he digs the human girls over the hedgehog gals after all.

    So Snake was in one remake on Gamecube, and now he's a Nintendo character?

      It isn't strictly Nintendo characters, last time I checked, Portal turrets, Creepers and Sackboy weren't Nintendo characters.

        Neither are Megaman, Snake or Sonic, funnily enough. Even if they were in a Smash Bros game.

        That'd be like saying Link is a Namco character since he was in a Soul Calibur game.

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