3DS Persona Trailers Feature The Heroes Of Persona 3 And 4

3DS Persona Trailers Feature the Heroes of Persona 3 and 4

Oh, and gameplay. Don't forget the gameplay. The trailers, each clocking in at a bit over a minute, show the chibi-fied characters of Persona Q engaging in banter, running around and beating up a few select baddies.

Here's hoping the game comes to the West — at the moment, Q is only announced for Japan, where it arrives on June 5. Watch the two trailers below.

Persona Q/3 Trailer [atlus@YouTube]

Persona Q/4 Trailer [atlus@YouTube]


    Sigh I love Persona 4 Golden but i dont think i can get past the art style in this game. The chibi style or whatever it is called just looks wrong in persona. -__-

      I agree. I kind of wish Squeenix would ditch it too for their handheld titles.

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