3K Gaming Laptops Are Here. Right Now.

3K Gaming Laptops Are Here. Right Now.

Gaming laptops have been stuck at 1080p and under for far too long. That all changes with the release of MSI's GT60 gaming laptop, with a display panel that goes all the way up to 2880-by-1620.

Also available in workstation flavour, the gaming version of the GT60 is being referred to by MSI as the "industry's first 3K gaming notebook". It's somewhat shaky ground — Apple's 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display runs at 2880-by-1800. Then again, if you're buying a 15-inch Macbook Pro solely for gaming, there is something wrong with you. We'll give MSI this first shot fired in the dedicated gaming laptop space.

The GT60 gaming model features an Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780m for those graphics, and 16GB of memory, for those days when 640kb just on't do.

3K Gaming Laptops Are Here. Right Now.

We can expect all of the other boutique gaming system makers to have their 3K systems ready shortly, because that's how these things work. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with a 1920-by-1080 display, but then I am also getting old. Kids today, with their magical microscopic, telescopic eyes — how I loathe them.

For an example of what 3K visuals look like on a laptop, see the demonstration image MSI provided with the announcement, below.

3K Gaming Laptops Are Here. Right Now.


    Batmans going to burst out of my laptop and punch me if I buy one??? They make a hard sales pitch...

      Buy this product or i'll break your legs.

      I'm Batman.

      Buy it and you get to meet Batman!

      I should work in marketing.

      It might be a 3D capable screen, it's got an nvidia card and what looks like a spot that could be an IR thing for the glasses. It's not something they bother putting on spec sheets anymore.

        I like to think Batmans gonna burst out of it...

    Too bad the gaming laptop is only equipped with a Blu ray disc reader and not a burner unlike it's workstation counterpart.

      Yeah that's a weird choice for them to make.

    having a 3k screen and actually being able to game in 3k are 2 different things... if you're gonna run a game in 3k you want to be able to crank the settings otherwise its pretty pointless.. sli gtx780's might have got the trick done

    The 780M is nowhere near enough to run 2880x1620 on modern games.

    I fins this whole gaming laptop thing a bit of a mystery.

    How big can the market be for people who want super expensive lap tops to game on?

    Gamers that are constantly in hotels? Moving around?

    I have an ultra book I use, but I never have the need to game when I'm away from home.

      For me it isn't about gaming away from home - it's about being able to game where i want in my home and the fact i have never had space for a dedicated desktop setup.
      Personally i also like sitting with the wife and gaming while she's watching one of her shows.

        I think streaming might fill that niche soon.

        Dude. Did u steal my life, because what u said is why I have a GT70. Even the wife thing. Weird.

      I need a laptop for work as I move around to different locations plus I wanted a gaming machine at home. I couldn't really stretch my budget to buying a work laptop and building a separate gaming desktop. I needed something to do double duty. Simple as that.

      Last edited 06/12/13 4:58 pm

    It's fairly simple, if you want to be playing somewhere else, other than where your desktop is set up, a laptop like this is great. I have a similarly spec'd laptop and I take it to my mates every weekend, while still using my desktop at home. He even replaced his desktop with one, they are pretty convienient and no where near as expensive as they once were.

    Yes it's expensive, but the price and features are quite close to a desktop of similar specs.

    Edit: Was supposed to be a reply to @screamface post

    Last edited 06/12/13 12:36 pm

      When i saw that price i was stunned, most gaming laptops want 2k+ and then they wont even run everything on max settings and are woefully less speced than this.

      Though when I think about the usual Aussie tax im sure the price will balloon from 2.2K to 3.5 or something equally ridiculous.

      Last edited 06/12/13 6:03 pm

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