50 Years Of Popular Holiday Toys, All At Once

50 Years Of Popular Holiday Toys, All At Once

Every year it's something. Some colourful construction of cloth or fluff or plastic or silicon, the big holiday toy that no actively loved child can do without. Graphic designer Abby Ryan Bennett tracks the trend for 50 years, from the Easy-Bake Oven to the Wii U.

It's like a map of my life, from Star Wars figures to the latest video game consoles. It may start in 1963, 10 years before I bugged my parents for anything, but residual want (child translation: desperate need) lingers in all directions.

We cannot have all of these things, and that is sad. Thanks to Abby Ryan, we can at least have a pretty picture of them, all in a row, for only $US15.

50 Years Of Popular Holiday Toys, All At Once

50 Years, 50 Toys [Abby Ryan Design via Laughing Squid]


    i have no idea what a zhu zhu pet is... the rest i understand lol

      Robotic hamster toys apparently.
      But how good was laser tagSo. Damn. Good.

    Pet rocks: evidence humanity is well beyond stupid.

      I.. I had a pet rock... it had a shoe box house, it gave me a love like no other...

    That Optimus figure for 1984 is totally wrong. That's the redux Masterpiece Prime figure released last year, not the G1 figure!

      or is it the 2003 version?

        Nope. The 2003 version was much blockier. The 2012 one was proportioned in anime-style.

    Wasn't this posted a few days ago? Oh maybe it was on gizmodo instead

    Oh my god I remember wanting a scooter never got it

    ....I did get a furbie though....sigh

    That power ranger is from the 80's Sentai Turboranger.

    Not Mighty Morphin, some accuracy plz

    2012 would have to be the Furby again. I was doing toys last Christmas at Target and that thing was sold out 3 months before Christmas. My mum bought some from the US and managed to sell em for triple the price on Gumtree. Seriously, this thing was in Huge demand.

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