9 Minutes Of Dying Light To Get Your Heart Racing

9 Minutes of Dying Light to Get Your Heart Racing

Even though I've already played through this level of Dying Light at PAX Prime, I'm still shifting in my chair, on edge while watching and waiting to see if the protagonist lives or dies in these 9 minutes of footage.

I mean, of course he's going to live. But as skilled as whoever's behind the wheel here is at setting traps and leapfrogging over zombies, I can't shake that nervous feeling once the sun sets. Because I know how fast and aggressive the zombies are in Dying Light.

Watch the video to get a sense of how you can prepare the city for nightfall, Dying Light's most fearful time of day. There are some really great explosion shots, too.

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    Whenever I see this game, I start out thinking it looks really cool but by the end of whatever video I'm watching I'm kind of over it. Not sure what it is... maybe it's that I think the general running / traversal gameplay looks realy good, but the melee combat looks kind of crap. Worried it might end up like Mirror's Edge where they let shitty combat get in the way of great platforming.

    I know google exists, but how about some details re platforms, studio, ETA etc.

      It's being developed by Techland, the guys behind Dead Island, and Dead Island: Riptide.

      According to Wikipedia, it will be coming out for PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, and PC. With a release sometime in 2014.


    Oh cool, ANOTHER zombie game. How original -____-

    "Dying Light will come out some time next year for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC."
    Fixed :)

    They really could have placed the 'battery-meter' in a better location, it's like a super obnoxious set of aiming sights. Why couldn't they place it in a normal location, LIKE NOT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FOV

      Couldn't agree more!
      Its very intrusive. Right in the middle of the screen.
      Move it down the bottom FFS!

    I'm really looking forward to this game - BUT I hope techland have learnt from dead island and the game isn't buggy as hell.

    Oh man, This looks great. Really excited for this but daaaaaaamn that is some terrible voice acting!

    Looks kind of boring to me.. Like.. Oh, I walk over here and there's 1 zombie.. so I turn on some elaborate trap just for that one.. Which has no real impact on anything.. then I go over here.. and throw some distractions so I can... blow up a car and take a few out.. Not all.. but some.. Still seems kind of pointless..

    And the kicking the zombies double footed in the head? like what the hell.. Why would you do that in a survival situation.. Seems like the worst possible action to take..

    And those what appear to be console controls.. While the slow panning might LOOK very nice.. to me it completely ruins the feeling of intensity.. And the way the zombies hardly hunt.. It's like, 'oh hey you happen to be near me.. oh you ran a few steps away now i'm completely oblivious to you'...

    And he appears to just be able to run and jump past pretty much anything without too much concern anyway.. it's like "OH GOD THERES LOTS OF THESE THINGS oh never mind I just jumped them and up onto a trashcan.."

    It did LOOK quite nice, especially after dark.. but i'm not sure what that counts for.

    Excited to check out DayZ though - so maybe i'm just comparing that to this too directly.

      This game looks unrelentingly average to me. It looks, graphically, like something a very talented team could achieve on PS3 or even 360. The gameplay doesn't look 'next-gen' at all. The combat looks really unwieldy and the janky animation on that guy who talks to you at the start was distractingly bad. This is not good enough for next gen. You can't put effort into the facial animations like his smirk at the end of the conversation and then completely ignore the way his arms and hands move while he's pacing around the room.

      I foresee a 6/10 for this one.

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