A Closer Look At Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break

Time stands still and stutters after an experiment gone wrong in Quantum Break, the first next-gen title from Remedy, the makers of Alan Wake. The studio showed off the game with a trailer at tonight's VGX. Here it is.

First shown off at E3, Remedy treated us to a deeper look, with gameplay, at tonight's VGX. A key feature will be "junction moments" in which a player can see glimpses of different timelines, and choose which one to pursue. That will open multiple story lines off player decisions.

Remedy assures that this will be an action game at heart, though it will pack in a ton of cinematics and a deep science-fiction narrative.

No release date was announced.


    I think I remember him saying in the past that if Quantum Break is successful they'll make Alan Wake 2

    If the writing is as good as Alan wake, IDC about anything else.

    This game alone could be the deciding factor for me purchasing an xbone.

    This game looks really promising, I hope they manage to pull it off...

    Premise sounds like an episode from Fringe.

    Definitely promising. Want to see more. NOW.

    I don't know exactly why, but game developers seem so much more credible when they have thick accents.

    I may actually get an xbone for this game.

    The guy in the Youtube thumbnail above is the guy who they based Max Payne's looks off. He was also the guy on the TV in Alan Wake. Neat.

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