A Game About Collecting LEGO Figures Sounds Better Than The Real Thing

Collecting real life LEGO figures involves tons of money, trips to K-Mart, and many, many duplicates. I think I prefer LEGO Minifigures Online's take on the hobby.

You're still opening bags in Funcom's upcoming MMO, slated for a summer 2004, but these bags feature fully-playable characters, each with their own stats and special powers. You can battle with them, level them up, customise them and share them without every leaving your comfy chair or stepping on errant pieces.

Plus we don't have to wait until this summer to start collecting. Funcom launched the LEGO Minifigures Online website today, peppered with collectible stars visitors can collect to earn levels and unlock new figures in the gallery. Consider it an MMO pre-game show.

A Game About Collecting LEGO Figures Sounds Better Than The Real Thing


    if you're willing to spend 5 minutes, you can feel the 'main part' of many mini-figs in the bag to avoid most doubles or get a specific fig. For example. the soldier above would be identifiable by it's gun and possibly the hair. that said, sometimes you need to be lucky (i spent a while looking for a Mr Gold)

      You must be better at identifying tiny LEGO parts by touch than me. I've tried this on the individual minifig bags and was like "there sure is some kind of minifig in there" :P

        haha yeah many are difficult to discern the difference between, others are blatantly obvious.
        for a real challenge check this out: http://www.brickventures.org.au/faq/what-build-bag
        this is harder with minifig because the bag is not see though. i've managed to completed one (head was one backwards though)

    Can't believe it's going to be released almost 10 years ago!

      I know! I don't know where the time has gone!
      I remember the announcement like it was today!

        My inner child is pestering my outer adult to find out what it's like because he can't wait to play it when he grows up.

        Last edited 19/12/13 8:49 pm

    slated for a summer 2004

    Think that should have been 2014

    Looks like the site has enough stars to get to Level 9, but you unlock an exclusive in-game minifig at Level 30. Am I missing a bunch of stars, or does everyone else finish at 9, too?

      level 9 too, seemed to be the limit for now

        Managed to get to level 11 but 1/3 through it. Presume they may add more later?

      Update: On returning to the site I have been able to reach level 11, so I'm assuming new stars are added periodically.

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