A Stop-Motion Dreamcast Striptease, With Trivia Included

Jake Roper of Vsauce3 included six awesome facts about the Dreamcast in the latest stop in his stop-motion teardown trip through console history, so you didn't have to feel as bad about watching console porn.

But it's still console porn. The Dreamcast was a beautiful machine, inside and out. None of these hardware failures. No flashing error light epidemics. Just one incredibly loud GD-Rom drive and pure white plastic. It's enough to make me hit eBay and buy one to stack on top of my other one.


    "None of these hardware failures."

    I love my Dreamcast(s), but seriously? You never heard about the widespread reset problem?


    It was an easy fix, but a very, VERY common problem.

      Thanks for linking this. My old DC had this exact problem last time I tried to use it and I assumed that something more fundamental had worn out. Didn't realize fixing it was so easy.

        It's amazing how all these years after the Dreamcast was finished, someone posts a link that helps you today. Awesome :)

      Wow. I knew it was a common problem but didn't realise I could fix it myself. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

      Haha. Glad I could help guys. Enjoy your renewed Dreamcast goodness. =)

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