A Stun Gun Fight On Black Friday

Just in case you haven't been made aware of how crazy/shameful some people's behaviour on Black Friday can be, here is a video of two women fighting. One of them with a stun gun.

If the thought of this being real footage is getting you down, do like I do and pretend it's the worst Star Wars fan film ever made.

Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall [YouTube — thanks Chris!]


    Pretty disgusting, I hope they were at least fighting over something worth while.

    Geez that video sure likes to ram the fact she had a stun gun and used it in our face, once was enough. I have to wonder though what are they even going crazy for, it looks like they are outside the stores and neither seem to have any bags so it cant be over something that was purchased. Not to mention there are a group of people going at it behind them too.

      Yeah that playing it thrice thing is an annoying American thing.
      I've watched some of their video clip shows, and you see the same thing - repeat it 3 times before moving on.

      I think it's been adapted from a sales technique - a lot of ads will say the same thing 3 times and it annoys you just enough to really remember it. (I think there's more to it, like activating reward centres in your brain for knowing what was coming next, too.)

    I've been in retail for over 20 years and sadly, this really doesn't surprise me, I have seen people at there absolute worst, long before YouTube this sort of performance would go unseen, but thanks to just about everyone carrying smart phones we are able to shine a light on this disgusting behavior.
    I've seen staff punched because the "special" wasn't good enough, other staff spat at and abused because during a Boxing day sale people didn't want to wait for help (10 staff can only help so many people at once when the department is packed with 100+ customers)
    The recent opening of a new Target store here in Launceston was a classic example, a couple of older ladies knocked over and stepped on to get to specials, people fighting, woman diving\jumping on display tables to stop other people getting specials but worst of all was reports of kids being assaulted \punched by other shoppers to steal products off them as they lined up at the registers.
    And it doesnt discriminate, doesn't matter if they are well off or a bogan, young or old, black or white, put a special in front of some people and they lose there friggen mind!

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      How long ago did they finish that target (it is at the same location right?) I used to live there 5 years back and dropped down for a visit a while ago, they were doing prelim construction.

      Also, customers are retarded, each and every one of them, you let them think they have rights and they will ride that horse as far as they can, one day we will wind up with burly security bouncer types in every store because of how bad it has gotten and it will give me great pleasure to watch someone physically tossed out of the store for behaving like an arrogant prick

    Maybe some Americans can learn a little from the Muslim lady trying to grab the stun gun as soon as she saw it for the good of everyone.



    -the things you own end up owning you.
    -reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.
    -we buy things we don't need, with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.

    A friend ofine who works at EB got choked once.

    I used to work in retail and in the time that I did I do remember one lady yelling and complaining at our staff because the return on her item would take 2 working days because she was with comm bank. Something we have no power over.

    And the sad irony that these sales follow their Thanksgiving is completely lost on them. Consumerism at its worst (and yes we can be no better as has been described above during our stocktake sales).

    The last job i worked at, i had two guy customers (and i am a lady), try to jump the counter to grab me. The assistant manage on duty with me had to step in while i ran for the store room and call shopping centre guards.

    I left the job the very next day. Never again will i work in retail. I still suffer some effects three years on.

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    Couldn't make out the language that was being spoken.

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