A Weird Game You Can Play Across Three Different PlayStations

A Weird Game You Can Play Across Three Different PlayStations

You can play Doki Doki Universe on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita and, no matter what, you're going to have a strange time. You will learn about yourself, fly through the cosmos to understand what it means to be human and you will meet a toilet who dislikes poop. This is my kind of lunacy.

Think of DDU as a weird, 2D Animal Crossing for PlayStation gamers, with more than a dollop of interactive personality test.

You play as a robot. You travel from planet to planet, meeting silly characters and taking on simple quests. You generate musical bands and fat babies and pirate ships. You decorate the scenery. You talk to your friend, who is a red balloon. You meet with your therapist, whose name is Dr. Therapist. And you can send weird messages across Facebook or just read the ones that the game characters send you. Also: you can fly around on a big piece of cheese.

How about I just show you?

The game comes from the mind of Greg Johnson, creator of Sega cult classic Toejam & Earl. A free starter pack will be available today for all three current PlayStation platforms. For $US15 you can get a lot more of the game — as much as what I have access to in the video above. There's more you buy after that, but, honestly I'm having a good enough time with what I've got. The game runs smoothest on PS4. With cloud saves you can transfer your progress from one device to the next.

It's incredibly bizarre but/and well worth checking out.


    I had a go of the demo. The gameplay should be enough to have me run away screaming but the game is so bizarre that I'm struggling to convince myself to not buy it.

    I just got it, and am loving it. I really like all the little personality tests for some reason. Really cute.

    Only thing though I found it chugs a little on the Vita when compared to PS4, which is silky smooth, but im thankful for the crossplay function. :)

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