Report: ​Accused League Player’s Motion To Quash Denied, Case To Proceed

Report: ​Accused League Player’s Motion To Quash Denied, Case To Proceed
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Justin Carter, the 19-year-old League of Legends player who earlier this year was imprisoned for making a Facebook comment that was flagged as a terrorist threat, has had his motion to quash the case denied, according to a report by San Antonio’s KENS 5 news.

In February, Carter was arrested for making comments on Facebook following a League of Legends match. When another player called him crazy, Carter responded by writing “I’m fucked in the head alright, I think Imma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent reign down.” He was subsequently arrested and jailed until an anonymous benefactor donated $US500k to allow Carter’s family to post bail.

Carter and his legal representation had most recently been attempting to get his case thrown out by the Comal County, Texas court. This latest development is certainly a setback for Carter’s case, though in July Carter’s lawyer Don Flanary told Kotaku that even if the attempt for dismissal fell through, there exist “many other avenues to take it up on appeal.”

We’ve reached out to Carter’s legal representation to find out more about what happened and how this changes things for their case, and will update if and when we hear back.

[Source: KENS5 News]


  • A few hours talking with Police and Psychiatrists followed by some community Service is all the punishment this guy should have gotten for a throw away comment. While I think his comment was stupid and insensitive I don’t think the punishment he got already and the media circus that will follow the trial is something he deserved.

    • Or, y’know, he could get off with no punishment because he made a joke and he lives in a country that has freedom of speech to make jokes, no matter how dumb, insensitive or rude they are.

      We should be able to say and type crazy shit we don’t mean like “I’m going to blow up the Whitehouse and kill President Obama” because we’re allowed to make insensitive jokes and talk shit if we want. The laws should protect us, especially when we’re not breaking them. The general public shouldn’t be punished under crazy new freedom quenching anti-terrorist laws just because the government can’t track down every terrorist and has to arrest anyone “just in case”.

      It’s disgusting.

      • I believe a few hours of community service would encourage others to think before posting. And the only reason there needs to be a conversation with Police and Psychiatrists is to prove he is no threat to anybody.

        There are groups in America who are using their right to free speech to demand the Death Penalty for saying something stupid and taken completely out of context using somebody else’s right to free speech.

        The only reason this guy even needs a punishment (he certainly doesn’t deserve one) is to protect him from the masses of idiots who will think they should go personally give him a punishment should he not get one. Time already served in jail should be punishment enough.

        • I see your logic, I get what you mean. I just can’t get over the fact that he hasn’t committed a crime. He’s only guilty of stupidity, his worst crime is insensitivity.

          • The problem isn’t the people he said it to, if I recall correctly about a month later a random 3rd party found out and that’s when the trouble began.

            The Scary thing this guy will probably need to be relocated and given a new identity to protect him from the real crazies.

          • Yeah it’s annoying that some third party donned him in. I understand making threats in public, even jokingly, could he grounds for causing panic or possibly be grounds for harassment. But the internet is both public and personal, so it’s a grey area.

            Either way it’s a good lesson to people about viewing the internet as a world wide medium, and about accountability for what you type.

  • This has to be the biggest joke in history. And if this poor kid is convicted, it sets a very dangerous precedent

  • Extremely distasteful comment? Yes.

    Is this the paragon of worst stuff said over games or the internet? Not even close.

    This shouldn’t even be a case. Just give him a light slap on the wrist instead of crucifying him as a ‘head-on-a-stick’ message to everyone else. Don’t ruin the kid’s life, we all say stupid shit when we get carried away.

  • That quote is totally different to the one that was reported on before. The previous quote mentioned “still, beating hearts. [sic]”

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