All-Female Marching Bands Make Taiwanese Funerals More Lively

All-Female Marching Bands Make Taiwanese Funerals More Lively

In the past, funeral processions in Taiwan featured traditional Chinese instruments. Now, some sport marching bands, complete with baton twirling and go-go boots.

For the past few years, funeral service Yuan-Rong Life has offered a marching troupe called “Xiu Juan Female Music Band” for services. Yuan-Rong Life tells Kotaku that each session lasts about two to three hours.

There isn’t a set plan, per say. It’s what you are willing to pay. For small services, however, Yuan-Rong Life recommends less than eight band members, while it recommends over eight for large funerals. Each band member costs TWD$1,300 or US$45.

Certainly, not everyone in Taiwan has a marching band at their funeral! So don’t think that. The practice has received media attention in neighbouring China and recently online in Japan.

These funerals prove that grieving doesn’t have to be a somber affair and are reminiscent of New Orleans style jazz funerals — but with shorter hemlines.

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Eric Jou contributed to this article.

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