All The Awkwardness Of The VGX In One Video

All The Awkwardness Of The VGX In One Video

It’s hard to put into words how cringe-inducing all the cross-talk, missed throws, tongue-tied teleprompter mishaps, and bombed jokes were at last night’s VGX. That’s where this six-minute supercut by PixelPerfect comes in handy.

I’ve already said my piece about the VGX, so rewatching its lowlight reel is a little more painful than humorous to me. (Asking Tim Schafer if he was high? It says a lot about the show that I forgot about that.)

I made it about 2:52 in before I had to press stop. How far can you go?

VGX Awards — Cringe Extended Cut [PixelPerfect]

UPDATE: Video appears to have been blocked by Viacom. Anyone watch the awards, what were your thoughts?

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