All The Awkwardness Of The VGX In One Video

It’s hard to put into words how cringe-inducing all the cross-talk, missed throws, tongue-tied teleprompter mishaps, and bombed jokes were at last night’s VGX. That’s where this six-minute supercut by PixelPerfect comes in handy.

I’ve already said my piece about the VGX, so rewatching its lowlight reel is a little more painful than humorous to me. (Asking Tim Schafer if he was high? It says a lot about the show that I forgot about that.)

I made it about 2:52 in before I had to press stop. How far can you go?

VGX Awards — Cringe Extended Cut [PixelPerfect]

UPDATE: Video appears to have been blocked by Viacom. Anyone watch the awards, what were your thoughts?


  • I watched the whole thing… Dead set the worst thing I have ever watched to do with gaming, was an embarrassment

  • This has got to be one of the biggest disappointments of the VGA’s (VGX?) in recent memory. Every year they have a slew of kick ass new trailers and announcements. But this year? Nada. Which sucks big time cause we’ve all got new consoles we’re dying to hear games announced for.

  • I always thought this was the VGA’s and haven’t they always been terrible? i haven’t even bothered to watch anything since 2010.

  • There was something really fake about Geoff and the awards itself and Joel McHale tackled that with his sarcasm and fearless opinions, the show itself was a mess, but McHale saved the night making a constant funny criticism of the industry in a few hours.

    I know that some people didn’t liked the humor, diaper jokes, “transfobia” and stuff like that from McHale, but things like him asking about what games does Geoff plays, or talking about the 3.3 million with Tim, telling that everything presented there was a commercial but renamed, the guy looked like he didn’t care but if you listen him carefuly he made some good points.

    • … OR they saw how many people were watching the vid, and realised there was an opporunity to profit from it! 😀 \o/

  • I saw the clip before it was taken offline.

    Just pretend that the show was hosted by Jeff Winger. He was being forced to do it by dean Pelton because he faked a ‘Award Show Hosting’ class. Abed was disappointed, because he would have loved to do a award show host homage.

    • Next year I’m hoping they go with Jeff and Annie hosting with the occasional cutaway to Troy and Abed with Britta awkwardly knocking over shit from time to time and Shirley and Pierce just not getting it. But for this year, I’m watching it in the context of your Deal Pelton punishment task. Only way to stomach this at all.

      • I like your ideas. You get Leonard introducing the trailers and find a way to include Magnitude and I am 100% on board.

        Somebody call Dan Harmon!

  • Joel McHale was the only good part. He was calling out the dorito pope for not being a gamer and for the ridiculous charade that the VGAs are – an extended commercial.

    • Holy hell. That was so pitiful. I can’t stop laughing. The guys talking about grand theft auto had no direction whatsoever.

    • Why?!?! What the hell was wrong with those guys going on about GTA?? Both times they went to them, I had to walk away it was painful to watch. I actually didn’t mind Joel in that clip but god was that overall one of the most awful things I have ever seen….

  • Boring, I don’t even watch those award shows on TV and I thought hey how bad can a gaming one be…pretty bad.

    I only watched it since Steam had it there and then I think 20-30 minutes in, I was ignoring it and letting it stream in the background to drown out the dead silence in my house.

  • Honestly it was so unprofessional, especially considering how much it would have cost to set up.

    I feel like they would have plenty of time to fix any issues/confusion they would have had considering all the game footage/pre recorded videos they had.

    The bunch of guys that were meant to be talking about GTA made me cringe so hard. They had no idea what they were supposed to be doing and no seemed to help them, not to mention they didn’t really sound like they cared about what they were doing “POTATOES!”

    I watched the whole thing regardless but I think if they want anyone to watch it next year they are really going to have to put more effort in.

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