Alright, YouTube, This Is Getting Out Of Hand

YouTube's content ID system has reached all new levels of silly recently. Next thing you know they'll be cracking down on the use of the colour red.

Oh no, it's too late...


    Companies do own's not completely out of the realms of impossibility that one day YouTube censorship will reach this level........

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      The only time I've heard of that was cadbury's trying to trademark their specific shade of purple & claim they were the only ones allowed to sell chocolate in that exact shade of purple wrapper. I was under the impression that they lost the inevitable court case.

      Either way it was less owning a colour and more protecting an overall image

        Yeah they lost, THANK FULLY. Next, Big Marketing will try and privatise all colour, and we will live in a colourless world except for packaging and ads on TV. If Nestle wants to privatise all the water in the world, what's to stop them calling dibs on colours? Common sense, I would think, but apparently not...

          Well there are fair reasons to do it for product packaging, something that looks exactly like a can of coke but has a really minor difference could be easily mistaken but that'd never happen if the can was blue instead. I do seem to recall the cadburys thing being remarkably broad though

            Kind of like Woolworth and their Select brand packaging imitating other well know brands? The Checkout had an episode about this.

          Cadbury may have lost their case... But Microsoft won their TM of their colour Blue.

          Live in a colourless world? C'mon dude, that's a bit far fetched, it's not the 1920s anymore.

            Hey, I've seen Pleasantville, that's what Big Marketing wants to do to you!

              If Reece Witherspoon is involved ... sign me up

        That was in Australia though, where we're a little bit more sensible about these things. In the USA though, I reckon it would have been a different story.

    This is obviously satire... but I would not be surprised if it ACTUALLY gets to that point!

    I love actually seeing the man himself as he speaks - The way his lips move up and down as his makes those deep, soothing vocal sounds that we all know and love. Majestic, magical, I can now die a happy man

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