Amazing Pacific Rim Cosplay Made From Rat Traps, Spoons, Everything

Amazing Pacific Rim Cosplay Made From Rat Traps, Spoons, Everything

If you haven't seen Pacific Rim, there's a Chinese mech called Crimson Typhoon. Well, this is the Brooklyn Typhoon. It may not be as big as its inspiration, but its made of way more interesting stuff.

Built by Brooklyn Robot Works, it took 550 hours to build, and weighs in at 70kg. Here's a list of just some of the stuff that went into building such an elaborate outfit.

2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck wheels, 2 business card holders, hockey helmet, 2 plungers, rotating lawn sprinkler, 4 egg slicers, 4 ice scrapers, 4 ladles, 4 slotted spoons, camping thermos, toilet flush valve, 8 ice skate blade guards (2 types), 2 baseball throat guards, trashcan foot pedal, 2 spoon draincups, 2 blender bases, 4 hair cutter spacers, 2 kneepads, thermos base, ski goggles, football shoulder pads, 6 shinguards (3 types), 2 hockey leg guards, wall outlet plate, 3 vitamin cases (2 types), 3 manicure bowls, 3 doorknob wall guards, hand towel holder, 4 bicycle splashguards (2 types), 25 turnbuckles, corner paint applicator, slotted ladle, 2 faucet strainers, paper towel holder, 3 screen door latches, handheld spotlight, 2 flashlights, closet pole mounts, lots of bottlecaps, lots of knobs & pull handles, lots and lots of plastic from trashcans, buckets & food containers... and a whole lotta inspiration!

Plus, you know, it only takes one man to operate, and not three.

Brooklyn Typhoon [Brookyln Robot Works, via technabob]

Amazing Pacific Rim Cosplay Made From Rat Traps, Spoons, Everything


    That's nothing. Give all that stuff to MacGyver and he'd be able to put a man on Mars.

      Only a man? I'd assume with that much material, he'd not only put a man on Mars, but an earth-like atmosphere to support him.

        The thought of MacGyver terraforming mars has made my day

    pfft with that much gear he'd put *Earth* on Mars

      nah you've guys aren't thinking big enough. With that much material he'd put an Chuck Norris on Jupiter and then put Jupiter on Mars.

      Last edited 07/12/13 12:23 am

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