Ambitious Morrowind Skyrim Mod Still Looks Stunning

Last time we looked at 'Skywind', the elaborate mod that puts Morrowind into Skyrim, it was mostly eye candy. While the team behind the project still has a ways to go, it seems like they're making progress on the mod judging from this new trailer.

Seem familiar? That's because this trailer is riffing off the original Skyrim trailer.

While it's still in alpha, you can download the Skywind mod now here. You'll need both Skyrim and Morrowind GOTY, or Morrowind and the Tribunal Bloodmoon expansions.

(Via Rock Paper, Shotgun)


    Wait.....I can be the Nerevar again, but with Skyrim visuals?!

    Oh the waves of nostalgia that just washed over me... Now I have to go replay Morrowind tonight!

    Doesn't look very Authentic.

    There wasn't even a single cliff-racer in the trailer.

      I believe this trailer was just to show off the remade landscape.

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