Here's Another Call Of Duty: Ghosts Comparison For Xbox One And PS4

Here's Another Call of Duty: Ghosts Comparison For Xbox One and PS4

Last month, we saw Call of Duty: Ghosts compared on PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4. In the following video, you can finally see the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game compared.

It's really getting harder and harder to tell the difference. At least for me. Can you spot any discrepancies? It's a YouTube video, mind you. Not the ideal medium for comparison.

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's review of Call of Duty: Ghosts. And here's our own Kirk Hamilton, with his take on the differences he's seen between the graphics of some of the PS4 and Xbox One games that he's played.

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison [[email protected]]


    PS4 version looks a tiny bit smoother in textures, but Xbox One colours and lighting look a lot better. Besides that, they're nearly exactly the same, and no one is really missing out from one to the other.

    And not a single fug was given that day. Seriously - who cares? Straight click and troll bait.

      Exactly. Controller and UI means a lot more to me. For me the Xbox controller wins on all fronts.

      I'm so sick of these pedantic bullshit arguments..

      See that? That last sentence was way better because I put an extra full stop. :P

    @Small McCody Meal
    But it does illustrate very clearly what a storm in a tea cup the whole 1080p / 60fps BS nonsense really was.

    For most players, the difference is so small it's not going to make any difference at all to how you enjoy the gaming experience.

    But rest assured, there WILL be a vocal minority who can't let sleeping dogs lie on this and continue to chest beat the awesome power of one platform's release over another.

    That's the interwebs for you though...

    Where are all the PS3/360 comparisons? Why haven't we got loads of those on this site every day? That generation is 8 years old so the PS3's graphical advantage should be more tangible.

      That's hard, because of the insanely low render resolutions. Xbox360 had the better upscaler too.

    In my opinion, most of the difference is gonna be lost on general consumers. comparisons like these are pointless to most gamers. only if you watched the video in 1080p will you notice the difference (especially when it phases between screenshots).

    being a digital designer (hey ho!), i didn't have difficulty discerning the difference (ps4 being sharper, almost no shimmer, a lot less jaggies, better resolved detail with draw distance), but then pixel-peeping is what I do for my career, it's almost second nature.

    but like I said earlier, unless the developers screwed up along the way during development, the difference would be negligible for most end users.

      Are we general consumers? Or are we a breed of consumers who read articles like these.

        depends how much energy and effort you put into contributing/contradicting in the article i guess.

        reading around the comments of the past few comparison articles, you'd find most people can't discern / don't care about the differences.

          These people are known as "Xbox fans", who develop intense but localised amnesia about the importance of graphics when their console of choice doesn't have the best.

            There's a reason why Minecraft was so successful. I'll give you a hint; it's not because it has awesome graphics.

            Don't forget the former PlayStation fans, who bought a PS3 because it had "more power" and were screwed for years with crappy poor performing ports before they finally got an Xbox 360 to play multiplat games properly.

              I only used it for ps3 exclusives and blu-ray movies so I wouldn't know about poor ports.

        There are a lot more people who read these articles than comment. Most of them would be general consumers :p

    I'm more about gameplay than graphics but it's good to know that the xbone isn't far behind the PS4 - especially considering you can snap apps when playing a game.

      Playing it in real life is quite different, the jaggies and textures on the XB1 are considerably worse, and quite noticeable during gameplay. Especially the jaggies on distant objects.
      I get a feeling I will be playing most cross platform titles on the PS4 and only getting exclusives for the XB1.

    For me quality doesn't bother me, its all about console specific titles (which there doesn't appear to be many this generations)

    Looks like the PS4 has the edge when it comes to textures, but im guessing that has something to do with the resolution difference. Apart from that they are very close. I doubt you would see a difference sitting in your lounge room. Great to see both consoles are very close in what they offer.

    Brought to you by PlayStation?

    Can someone just do a BF4 comparison to COD.... ok I'll do it.

    BF4 is like modern counterstrike = awesome
    COD is like some fps that belongs in an arcade = not so awesome

      At least COD works properly though. I'm haven't played a COD games in 3 or 4 years but my friends to and they're able to start playing from day one where as BF has loads of problems.

        My friend got given COD as a bday present and took it to EB to trade within 48 hours... so thrash compared to BF4.

        What problems are going around for BF4? I've been playing on XB1 and my mates been playing on PS4 alright?

          I heard it had a rough launch, and that it's not the first time a BF game launched with issues.

            They're worth the wait to fix though.

              From what I've played of both, I'd 100% agree. Battlefield was way deeper.

                COD is made for A.D.D riddled, impatient teenagers, children and psychopaths who just want to kill.

                Battlefield is made for the more mature, patient gamers that understand a little about strategy.

                  Or, a way less self righteous way of saying that would be to describe it as arcade-like. Just because it's more accessible and casual, does't mean the audience is made up shitty people. It's just a different style. I got friends who play COD as an unwind or when they don't feel like something too stressful or in depth.

                  It's like the UNO of gaming. Heck, my wife plays COD. I don't, military shooters don't appeal to me in the slightest.

          Battlefield always has a rough launch, but they also have a two year release cycle so you get a lot more play time out of them and really enjoy the refinement toward the end.

        mmm not too sure about 'properly' played COD ghosts (360) and basically got spawned killed about 18 times in 1 match, quit and gave up, there is actually a video of a guy who found the spawn cycle and basically killed the same guy like 8 times or something. While BF4 has a few issues, (get booted to X1 dash and dragged into a mates game if he is in my party and a few very minor lag issues) its still 10x better imo, I havent ever not been able to play.

        DUDE, that is the most hilarious gaming video I've seen all year. Kudos to you hahaha, so good.

          Haha yea its classic, I didnt make it though so cannot take the kudos on this one.

        Aw man that was hilarious. Especially the pole landing on the car. Classic.

        Did you ever see the game that was made to parody COD? It was an advertisement for Bulletstorm and you could download and play it and everything. It's called Duty Calls:

          Haha yea I've seen that "Rank up! sergeant of the master seargeants most important person of extreme sergeants to the max!"

            My favourite part is 'you cannot shoot me unless the game goes into slow motion ... ooohhhh nooooooo'

    For years people would tell me when I didn't ask nor care that I should of got the 360 version nor PS3 besides little to no difference.
    Now with masdice resolution, draw distance and double fps on PS4 to xbone it becomes graphics don't matter.

      Graphics wise there was little to no difference, but soooo many games were poorly optimised ports. COD Ghosts is a really bad comparison though, because it seems really poorly optimised for both PS4 and Xbox, with PS4 having framerate issues and the Xbox One having a lower native resolution. I have no idea why it keeps being trotted out as the "comparison" game.

        I dont know alot but im guessing until they start making games for next gen consoles only they wont be as good as they could be.

    720p, 1080p, doesn't matter much if your TV isn't up to rendering those frame rates

      But who doesn't have a TV good enough for that these days?

      Did you seriously just refer to 720p and 1080p as frame rates? I don't think games are for you.

    Dunno. They both look terrible to me. Like they're just tiny looping GIFs. And if that's all the gameplay you're getting (3 seconds worth, and consisting of a dog looking around while riding in a tank), then I don't think the game is worth $70.

    Then again, I seem to recall CoD: MW3 being much more than just 3 seconds of footage. Perhaps what I'm seeing here is the game, and the rest of it is a DLC.

    0/10, would not play without the DLC.

    Could we have a PC comparison at 1440? No, then piss off with these articles.

      I'd like to see that too. Because if the 720p to 1080p difference isn't all that great, then the 1080p to 1440p will be trivial, and you master racers can all STFU.

        Fine, lets take the PC one to 4k then, just to make the consoles look as bad as they actually are.

      No problem, I'd like to see a PC vs Xbox One comparison. The rules are the PC must cost $599 and include a DVR, controller, headset, 1080p webcam capable of motion detection.

      Obviously, if budget isn't an issue, there's no doubt in the world the PC will destroy next-gen consoles, nobody is denying that. The Xbox v Playstation argument is like the Holden v Ford debate, no one is claiming they're the best cars available on the planet, they're comparing a very similarly priced product for what they're capable of. We know the PC is capable of having greater horsepower, you don't need to explain this to people.

      Last edited 05/12/13 2:51 pm

        Exactly the point. Well done Shadow! Best comment is best

        Xbox One doesn't have a DVR, you need to buy a DVR or STB separately. It just has HDMI in.

    how can you compare two video streams that have been resized down from their differing native resolution? When the only difference is the resolution, scaling them both down to a similar resolution will mask a lot of the differences, simply by the interpolation involved.

    Good to see less comments on this one than on the first one, which was mainly


    Why are we still bothering to compare Ghosts? It looks horrible regardless of what it's played on.

    Where's the Mario 2 vs New Mario U comparison videos?

      Because you don't need to 100x zoom in on a screenshot to see the new one is better.

    Who sit close enough to tell, you'd go blind or throw up!

    PS4 has a slightly better render distance and is a tad smoother. xbox one looks a little bit sharper and brighter. can hardly tell the difference though

    hmmm ... it's pretty obvious to me that when you play the video at 1080p and full screen that the PS4 version has no where near the amount of aliasing as the Xbox One version and just looks cleaner overall, plus has a bit better textures (especially the pause and transition at the building at around the 1 min 30 sec mark). As poita said above, it's a whole different scenario when you're playing the game, not watching two pics side by side ... distant objects that have a lot of aliasing on them can get pretty distracting as it scissors and staircases with general movement on screen.

    For f-sake kotaku we know the situation between the 2 versions already and it is starting to seem like you are just trying to add fuel to the fire. The game is shit anyway and no higher resolution can change that.

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