Another Site Found On The 'Fallout 4' Viral Site

Part of me hopes this is just an incredibly elaborate hoax, just to see everyone's reaction, but the more this stuff continues the more convinced I become. I think this Fallout 4 thing is legit.

The above screenshot comes from the latest discovery. A complete new website within the original website. I have no idea what this all means because I'm not invested in the Fallout universe like that, but this incredible Google Doc has all the information you need and also updates to include all the latest info.

If you are excited about the possibility of a new Fallout game, that's the site you want to be keeping an eye on.


    just over a week until we find out

      VGX 2013. Fits perfect since Skyrim was announced at the same show back when it was the Video Game Awards!

        spike is on the 7th, the countdown on the site ends on the 11th...

          Mmmm... maybe they reveal then open the official site maybe?

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            I'm putting that in my 'things that make me doubt the authenticity of this site' basket.

            coz the site went live before the VGX had an official date, might have just been a guess by whoever made the page.

            having said that though, theres no indication, if the site is legit, that its about a game. it might be something else Fallout related? a novel? a tabletop RPG? an announcement of the TV series?

              We'll all have to wait and see - we all know it's coming ;) Though it's only been 2 years since Skyrim launched on the 11/11/11. I'm sure they'd need 3 years or more of development time, though this time the engine is already built and development time should be a lot less than the 5 years for Skyrim.

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                oh yeah. no doubt that its in the works. & you're right, if they follow the Skyrim development cycle (& the seem to have done so for the last few games they've put out), FO4 should be about 2 years into development now, getting close to an announcement, with a launch about a year later.

                I really want this to be true...

                Edit: Skyrim had a 3 year development. after Oblivion, they started on Fallout 3 & after Fallout 3, BethSoft started on Skyrim while Obsidian did New Vegas... so yeah... something soon I hope.

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                  From memory before they announced Skyrim they announced they had one game in development (Skyrim) and one in pre-production so it's been on the drawing board since 2010/11 as this game hasn't been announced yet. If it is Fallout 4, I'd say late next year - mid 2015 would be a reasonable development time although they won't have the problems of developing for the PS3 (assuming it'll be next-gen & PC only) which could cut down on development time. Even if this is a fake I would expect an announcement soon. Pete Hines said whatever it is Todd Howard's working on was "already looking awesome" back in June. Is 6 months enough time for them to be ready to announce something?

                  As below though, I hope they've been building a brand new engine for next gen games.

                  @cufcfan616 I'm only like... 80% sure of this, but i think it was "Bethesda-the-publisher" who said they had 2 titles in development, not "Bethesda-Softworks-the-confusingly-titled-game-studio."

                  & i think that other game being referred to was Dishonored.

                  but then again. who really cares? I would love to get some official info on FO4...

    black text on the background

    its a Vigniere Cipher
    translates to:

    Don’t you get my hopes up Mark Serrels.

    Has anyone bothered to check out It's an email sign up for a newsletter broadcast. Related?

      I think that's been confirmed as a hoax and you shouldn't be putting your email into it

    I think it's a no brainer that they are making another one - I just wonder what engine they will use. I just hope it pushes hardware.

      Hopefully a brand new engine. The Gamebyro engine is years old now and no matter how often they update/rename it it won't feel very next gen compared to the Fox Engine or Capcom's Panta Rhei engine. Not to mention that it's used for various different styles of games including Civilization I would hope that Bethesda have either properly built their own engine for Fallout and Elder Scrolls games or have licensed a decent third party engine. I have a worry though that they'll continue with the Creation engine and Fallout 4 will be limited by that

        Although Gamebryo/Creation is way past its use by date, you can't deny how open it is when it comes to console commands.

          The Creation engine is a new development platform. It was fully re-written and is technically not based on Gamebryo, though of course there would be a lot of similarities brought over... or something like that anyways :P

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            Bethesda recently filed a legit trademark on the void engine which is a modified id tech 5. Probably for doom 4 or wolfenstein but still it's something to think about...

      The next iteration of the Creation Engine, which is the new engine Bethesda developed for Skyrim and future games. Will be great to see how it's evolved since 2011 :D

    $ whois | grep Zeni
    Registrant Organization: ZeniMax Media Inc
    Admin Organization: ZeniMax Media Inc
    Tech Organization: ZeniMax Media Inc


    (I think I tried this a while back and it had whois privacy on?)

      still being a bit cynical about this.

      check the whois stuff for

      all other BethSoft sites have as their name server, not the website name itself.
      all other sites have been registered by CorporateDomains, not GoDaddy

      I want it to be true, but I still doubt that this is an official teaser.

        Fair point, you could still argue that the ARG is being run by a company contracted out on their behalf...

    Are we all ready?

    I am ready!

    Imagine this running smoothly on the PS4 - no more issues like the PS3

    I am ready!

      No more issues.... HAHAHAHA you're a funny guy.

    I want to believe...
    But I know I'll be disappointed...

    I've heard from a friend at Zenimax that it is not legit.

    Decided to have a dig around, check this out - view-source: - thing that stood out for me was the referencing to for image resources, which currently redirects to

    Could be an incredibly elaborate hoax, but I highly doubt it.

    All aboard the hype train!

    Summary of everything that's happened so far:

    Also - a German gaming site had this listed:

    Choo Choo motherfucker! :-)

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