Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Killed 509 People. Here They All Are.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Killed 509 People. Here They All Are.

From his first appearance in 1969's Hercules in New York to the present day, Arnold Schwarzenegger has killed 509 people/animals/things on the silver screen. And you can see every last one in this video.

OK, so things start a little vague, but once we hit Conan it becomes a lot clearer just when someone's ticket's been punched.

Understandably, Commando features heavily.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]


    Interesting how this is categorised under "In Real Life"...

      You're telling me that he didn't really kill all those people D:

        I think these are only the people his characters have killed in movies, his personal kill count would be a different video

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    haven't seen so many of these in a long time think i gotta get em and have arnie marthon lol but dem Conan the barbarian looked worse then battlefield 4's net code/hit registration

      It'd be funny to annotate a few clips of the more obvious ones and going on about how bad the lag was

    Oh man I feel like a kid again watching that. These were the movies I was raised on.

    Never saw Red Heat though. Going to have to rectify that very soon.

    At least one of those was a fantasy kill... He was thinking about killing the guy.
    Still, there is a list of movies I have to watch again now.

    Was anyone else shouting all the one liners after the kills?

    I kept trying to high five my wife after each one too but she just kept shaking her head and ignoring me.

    This kill count should be offset by the number of people he saved by yelling "ged down!" at.

    It was around 100 when I counted, assuming each building had 20 enemies

    funny watching this tho its just so damn obvious now I'm older seeing spring boards,obvious dummies propped up by a pole and that conan the destroyer bit with the horse guy getting hit from behind when arnie was meant to "kill" him lol

    I'm in the process of acquiring most these movies so i can watch em

    The alternative title is "How often does Arnie flinch when shooting?"

    This was amazing. Ah the 80s, when it was ok to kill people in movies. If they remade half of these movies now, Arnie would throw a bunch of car tyres over a villain and trap them in place to dispatch them.

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