Arrest Made In PS4 Killing

Arrest Made in San Francisco PS4 Killing

San Francisco police arrested a man they suspect of killing a person trying to sell a PlayStation 4 through an online ad. It's believed to be the second homicide related to the console since its launch on November 15.

Ronnie Collins, 21, of San Francisco, has been jailed on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The victim, Ikenna Uwakah, 22, was shot several times Sunday afternoon at the location where he had agreed to meet to sell the console.

However, it's not entirely clear that Collins, 21, either had contacted Uwakah to buy the console or knew he was there to sell it. Police said Uwakah had been driven to the scene by his girlfriend; he was shot in the passenger seat of her vehicle. Originally police said the gunman made off with the PlayStation "but that detail remained unclear late Monday," said the Chron.

Uwakah's parents emigrated to the United States from Nigeria; he had been a student at two California colleges.

On November 17, police in Florida said two men were shot, one of them fatally, after meeting to sell a PS4. Originally the two were to meet outside police headquarters to perform the transaction, but the sale location was changed at the last minute. It is unclear whether the deceased was the console's owner or its prospective buyer.

Suspect detained in S.F. game console killing [San Francisco Chronicle]


    what is happening to the world? why are people getting killed over something as small as a console? seriously... it's what? $400 over there?

    Killing each other over a games console, Another shining moment for human kind.

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